The growth of the Indian economy in this age of globalization has resulted not just in the development of new careers but also the transformation of existing careers. One such career that has been completely transformed into an incredibly exciting and rewarding option is law.

Did you know that besides the traditional disciplines such as civil and criminal law, a student can today specialize in diverse areas such as corporate and commercial law, mediation and negotiation, international law, intellectual property law, environmental law and human rights law. Consequently, the law degree of today equips a student, not just to be an accomplished lawyer but also a businessman, bureaucrat, diplomat, social activist or academician. It goes without saying that financially this profession is hugely rewarding.

To help aspiring lawyers secure admissions to the best law colleges in India (National Law School in Bangalore, NUJS in Kolkata, NALSAR in Hyderabad, NLU in Jodhpur and NLIU in Bhopal to name just a few), Career Launcher has now combined its Law Entrance course with the courses offered by Law School Tutorial (LST) to bring you the best of both. The combined offerings, under the banner of LST will be offered from Career Launcher centres located across India.
Founded by Alumni of NLSIU Bangalore, the LST experience not only offers excellent classroom preparation but also much-needed motivation to translate effort into results. LST can comfortably stake a claim to being the best that preparatory education has to offer as far as law entrance exams are concerned.

Performance of LST students in the 2004 entrance exams bears testimony to the uniqueness of this organization - LSTians captured an astounding 33 out of 57 seats at NLSIU, 24 out of 46 seats at NALSAR and 41 out of 80 seats at NUJS besides securing a significant share of the seats at other top law schools across the country!

The coming aboard of LST reflects Career Launcher's continuous endeavor to steer our students towards the most promising career options, always!

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