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MBA Books & Study Material

The impeccable self-study guide to crack CAT.

Introducing MBA Books and Material Video Solutions!

It offers solution videos for some selected questions from CL's MBA Books & Material. Now you can experience the smartest and the shortest ways of solving the fundabook questions and learn at a quicker pace.

How to make the best use of the MBA Books & Material Comprehensive
1. Go through the theory and the solved examples given in the book.
2. Start solving the Practice Exercises that have been given level-wise.
3. After solving a question, do watch its video solution to compare your method with one of the smartest methods to solve that question.
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Demo of MBA Books & Material Video Solutions

Fundamentals of Algebra - Quadratic
Fundamentals of Verbal Logic - 6 Sentence
Fundamentals of Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning - Data Sufficiency

About MBA Books & Material

CL's study material is legendary for cracking the CAT. Prepare with most reliable & updated study material including:

  • Focused and updated study material: The content is being updated regularly and as been prepared on the pattern of CAT and other premier examinations which ensure the learner studies only the relevant topics.Fundamental books covering concepts explained in detail followed by practice questions both solved and unsolved.
  • Detailed solution for all practice questions ensures that the learner is able to get his/her doubts clarified. Solution books providing detailed Solution for all practice questions to ensure that the learner is able to get his doubts clarified.
  • Section test booklets for each subject

Books & Study Material- Features

Online Support

Online support for doubt handling through email is provided and timely response to student queries is handled by CL academic team.

Time bound delivery

Material dispatched through reputed courier to ensure prompt delivery and material reaching in good condition

MBA study material options -

  Program Fundabooks Practise Questions with Solutions Section-wise Test Papers No of questions solved M.R.P Offer Price Enroll now
MBA Books & Material Comprehensive Yes Yes Yes 750+ 9999 7,999 Enroll Now
MBA Books & Material Yes Yes Yes - 6,349 - Enroll Now
MBA Books & Material Video Solutions* - - - 750+ 3,999 - Enroll Now

*Recommended for students who have already enrolled for CL's MBA Books & Material.

Please note-

  • Video analysis are available only for CAT mocks excluding the 8 mocks available in Test Gym

Student Testimonials for MBA Study Material

Ashutosh Divedi, MBA Books & Materials, Career Launcher
Ashutosh Divedi
99.14%ile in CAT 2015

Career Launcher's MBA Study Materials enabled me to solve any type of question in question in quick time. A Variety of questions in the study material augumented my CAT Preparation. The Most Important feature is the well organized order of the topics covered. Thank You team CL for providing valuable guidance

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your testimonial. At CL, we place student interest first and assure you that we constantly strive to make your learning experience truly enriching.