Seeking admission to the IIM Ahmedabad 2017 MBA program?
Opportunity to attend IIM Ahmedabad Form Filling Webinar with CL Guru GP

11th January 2017, 9pm Online

Register now and attend the event on 11th Jan 9 PM Online

Attend this online session with GP and Satya. IIM Ahmedabad form is your first interaction with the IIM Ahmedabad panelists and sets the tone for your interview. The form is very extensive and it requires a lot of thought and time for you to fill the application.

Do it with the masters who have helped thousands of students get through IIM Ahmedabad in last 20 years!


All the Best!

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IIM Ahmedabad form filling webinar

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Webinar Details

  • The session is only for the students who have received the call confirmation from IIM Ahmedabad  
  • If you are a NON CL Student, then you will have to pay a fee of 249/- . 
  • The session is free for CL enrolled students.Please enter your active enroll ID to get access to the session.
  • In case you're unable to attend it, you will get access to the recorded video. 
  • The fee is non refundable
  • If the document you've uploaded is not valid/incorrect fee will not be refunded in any case. 

Meet the Gurus

Satya is an IIM Bangalore Alumnus & a rare teacher
entrepreneur who started CL in 1995

GP is an IIM B alumnus & one of
the core founders of CL.