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What makes it the most recommended program?

Students consider our mocks very close to (the actual) CAT. After all, the difficulty level of the test papers is by design and not by accident, says Shivku (Chief Academic Officer).

How to make the most of every mock CAT paper?

Analytics is at the core of your mock performance report card at CL. Analyze the paper thoroughly with the insight made available to increase your score. Good luck!

What our students say

Overall Performance Analysis

Get a comparative section wise analysis and overall analysis for each mock that you take. Percentile predictor tells you where you stand compared to over a lakh students who have written mocks of similar level of difficulty over the years and cracked CAT.



Drill Down Analysis

Experience a detailed breakdown analysis of each mock. Know the topics that you are performing well in by analyzing the correct and incorrect attempts in each topic, for a mock.

CAT Test Series schedule

CL provides 30 CAT attempts before the actual CAT, out of which 15 are Proctored (to be taken at CL center) , 5 Unproctored (to be taken at home) and 10 Master Series mocks (mocks accompanied by video attempts by CL Gurus). The next Proctored mock is on 11th May.

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What goes behind creating the most-loved CAT Test Series?

Commonly asked questions

What is Proctored Mock Test?

Cl offers 15 Proctored mocks. These mocks are to be taken at any nearest CL center, the aim of Proctored mocks is to provide a CAT simulated environment. Each Proctored mock is open for a window of 7-10 days, you are required to book the mock within this time window. After the window gets over, the Proc mock will be available as an unproctored mock and you can take it form home.

What is Unproctored Mock Test?

CL offers 5 Unproctored mocks, you can take these tests from home at any time. Incase you miss to write a Proctored mock in its time window, it would be available as an Unproctored mock.

Our CAT results

CL Students with IIM Calls

  • Aman Verma (Gurgaon): IIM-A
  • Vaibhav(New Delhi):IIM-A
  • Aman Verma (Kolkata): IIM-A
  • Shreya Das (Ranchi):IIM-B
  • Ashish Sinha (Mumbai): IIM-B
  • Abhishek Anand (Patna): IIM-B

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