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"The difficulty level of CL's CAT Mock Test paper is by design and not by accident", Says Shiva Kumar, Chief Academic Officer. The program offers 30 mocks for CAT, 35 mocks for other MBA entrance exams and Test Gym with 8500+ practice questions.

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Test Series and Test Gym modules were perhaps the closest to CAT. The way each test module is explained with videos, solutions and in-depth analysis makes it different from any test series that's served in the market!

Amanpreet Singh
Studying at IIM Bangalore
CAT 2016 Actual RC Passages

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What makes CL's CAT Test Series the most preferred choice:

In Sync with the Latest CAT Pattern

Detailed Graphical Analysis

Live Mock attempt videos of CL gurus

Know your likely CAT %ile with CAT Percentile Predictor

Simulates actual CAT testing environment

CAT Mock Analysis is now New and Improved!

What if I hadn't wasted time doing the questions that are not my strengths? Which question should I have skipped? How much would I have scored had I not solved those questions? How much did my mistakes cost me?

These are all the questions that come to our minds when we view our test's report card. With the aim of answering all these questions and to help students to make their analysis more meaningful, the following 4 analytics have been introduced:

CL's Predicted Mock Percentile is closest to CAT

What goes behind a CL mock? Watch Now!

CAT aspirants love CL mocks!


Say, it will considerably increase their chances of cracking CAT 2016.


May refer CL Test Series to their peers.


Feedback by ~2600 students who appeared for Proctered Mock 3 of CAT 16 Test Series, as on July 18, 2016


98.2% May refer CL Test Series to peers      
97.7% Difficulty level was quite similar to the CAT 2014 paper          
91.5% Almost felt like appearing for CAT 2015        

Feedback by over 1600 students who appeared for CAT 2015

Why CL's Test Series is most preferred!

Features How does this help CL's CAT Test Series Competition
CAT %ile Predictior CL's unique Percentile Predictor predicts your scores based on your mock scores.
Video attempt See GP, Gejo, Shivku and GB take each Proctored Mock in a simulated exam environment and formulate your personalized exam taking strategy
IIM Profilizer Know today which IIMs will shortlist you on the basis of your Profile and at what score
CAT Score Booster* A must have Mock analysis tool which will help increase your percentile by at least 10 points
Test Gym on App** Test Gym can be accessed on web as well as through App. Download the CAT-MBA App & practice the questions from anywhere & anytime.
MBA-on-Demand Get your basics in place with the easiest Video Tutorials on each topic of CAT
Gyaan Dhara Stay up to date with the happenings in and around the world with CL's weekly doze of GK Gyaan
Word of the day Keep your Vocabulary Quotient high with our daily Vocab update
Strategic Sessions Get free online sessions by Gautam Puri & team on various strategies to use while writing the CAT exam. .

* CAT Score Booster needs to be purchased separately by non-Classroom students

**Test Gym will be accessible only to students who have enrolled for Test Gym or any of Test Gym combos.

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Programs Mocks in Proctored Mode Mocks in Unproctored Mode Master Test Series Non CAT Mocks Test Gym Price (MRP incl. of GST) Fee waiver (till July 26) Fee for Current CAT TS Student Loyalty Fee Waiver** Other IIMs Call Getter / Category Student Fee Waiver Enroll now
CAT Test Series 15 5 10 - - 5,224 4,832 - 3918 4179 Enroll now
Non CAT Test Series - - - 35 - 3,799 3,419 2499 2849 3039 Enroll now
CAT+Non CAT+Test Gym - Basic 12 - - 15 3500+ ques 5,499 4,449 - 4124 4399 Enroll now
CAT+XAT Test Series 15 5 10 8 (only XAT) - 6,999 6,124 - 5249 5599 Enroll now
CAT Test Series+Test Gym 15 5 10   7500+ ques + 8 mocks 7,124 6,412 - 5343 5699 Enroll now
CAT Test Series+ XAT Test Series + Test Gym 15 5 10 8 (only XAT) 7500+ ques + 8 mocks 7,999 6,999 - 5999 6399 Enroll now
CAT Test Series + Non CAT Test Series +Test Gym 15 5 10 35 7500+ ques + 8 mocks 8,549 7,267 - 6412 6839 Enroll now
CAT Test Series + Non CAT Test Series +Test Gym+ Books and Material 15 5 10 35 7500+ ques + 8 mocks 14,249 12,824 - 10687 11249 Enroll now
CAT Test Series + Non CAT Test Series +Test Gym+ Books & Material Comprehensive 15 5 10 35 7500+ ques + 8 mocks 15,749 13,387 - 11812 12599 Enroll now

Please note:

  • Loyalty Offer is for Ex-CL students(TY TY'14/15/16) other than MBA who have purchased programs worth Rs. 4999/- & above
  • **Loyalty option is applicable for CL CAT students of TY' 14, 15 16 who have earlier purchased programme worth Rs. 4999/- & above.
  • **CAT 17 students who have already purchased a product worth 7499 and above will be eligible for Loyalty option as well
  • Know more about Proctored & Unproctored Mocks

With CL's CAT Score Booster, you can now watch a master taking the test live.
Boost your exam taking experience and scores by learning from the Masters of the game!!

CAT-MBA Students Testimonials

Pranav Joshi
Calls received: IIM K,L,I,Shillong

Analysis of mocks is great! Paper solving by Gejo sir & GP sir is very insightful. My take to the future CAT takers - Take as many mocks as possible & do analyze the mocks & replicate the learnings in the next one

Amanpreet Singh
CAT 2015, Joining IIM B

I enrolled for CL's CAT Test Series program and PDP Planned. Test Series and Test Gym modules were perhaps the closest to CAT. The way each test module is explained with videos, solutions and in-depth analysis makes it different from any test series that’s served in the market

Navdeep Singh, CAT 2015
Calls received: IIM A,K,L,S, S P Jain

Test Series was very comprehensive as a whole. I believe the mock CATs really prepared me for the D-Day!

Vivek Jha
Vivek Jha
75%ile in CAT 2015

I appeared for CAT 2015 after enrolling for the CL Test Series and was fortunate to score a .75%ile with targeted guidance from your blog. I wanted to thank you for being the human face behind the coaching business. smile emoticon Reminded me of our most affable and loved professors during JEE coaching.

Venika Aggarwal
Venika Aggarwal
98%ile in CAT 2014

I think the CL program has been completely different. We could contact our faculty members at any time and they would simply respond to any of our queries. With a good CAT %ile, I am getting all the help. GP is mentoring me himself. He is helping me at each and every point. This kind of an attitude is what an aspirant would need to crack any exam.

Neha Manglik
Neha Manglik
100%ile in CAT 2014

I found the CL program very personalised & very helpful. For example, mock interviews are being conducted by the founders of CL. There is a lot of help given very specific to my personality, strengths and weaknesses. The program is really preparing me well to convert my call. The CL mocks I found, were very close to CAT in terms of the difficulty level and that helped me prepare for the actual CAT.