Who should use it?

All aspirants who have their basics of Class 6 to 10 in place but need to learn smarter problem-solving techniques and develop a highly-effective exam strategy required to crack MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP, etc.

How does it help?

You get to practice and learn smarter and unconventional problem-solving techniques for seemingly difficult questions anytime, anywhere. Each of our 275+ CAT preparation videos is hosted by an expert of that topic.

Why choose CAT video lectures?

Sharp sectional focus

Develop a sharp sectional focus with thorough guidance from our experts

Updated Video Lessons

Learn at your convenience with over 275 high quality video lessons.

The SCC legacy

1 in every 4 SCC student gets an IIM call. Continue our legacy and get your IIM while we deliver the best to you.

Smarter learning

Learn smarter problem-solving approaches to 1600+ difficult questions that have appeared in CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, IIFT, MH-CET, etc.

Inspiring faculty

Get mentored by our team of experts from across India. Each faculty is an expert in his subject.

Designed by experts, vetted by students

With handpicked questions from experts and inputs from our CAT toppers, the program is especially designed for self-starters and is regularly updated.

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Commonly asked questions

Are the CAT video lectures offered in SCC suitable for me?

SCC offers CAT video lectures with unconventional methods of solving difficult questions. It is ideal for those MBA aspirants who already have the fundamentals of class 6-10 in place and are comfortable solving questions from easy to medium level of difficulty. You can pick a section or two that you want to focus on or all sections and prepare anytime, anywhere. Our vast archive of 275+ CAT preparation videos are hosted by academic experts and are regularly updated to accommodate any changes in the exam patterns of all MBA entrance exams.

How is SCC different from Online Classes?

Smart CAT Cracker (SCC) is a power pack of 275+ CAT preparation videos hosted by Gautam Puri and our expert academic team. The team solves 1600+ complex questions with smarter and unconventional problem-solving techniques. It’s a perfect program for aspirants who wish to prepare for MBA entrance exams at their own pace. Online Classes are live, interactive classes hosted by Gautam Puri and the team. The program focuses on conceptual learning, starting from the basics and then moving on to solve relevant questions. The Online Classes are available in Day (from 7-9 AM) and Night (from 9:30-11:30 PM) batches. They are most beneficial for students who wish to get a classroom experience from the comforts of their home.

Will I get practice questions after each session?

Each of our CAT exam preparation videos is followed by a post-session exercise of 5-7 questions to help students revise and solidify their learning from each session.

What is the pedagogy of Smart CAT Cracker?

In order to make the most of our CAT video lectures, the aspirants are advised to follow a 3-step pedagogical structure:

  • Pre-Session:Revise the concepts of the topic and solve questions of difficulty level 1 and level 2 of that topic.
  • Session:Watch, learn, and practice with the CL Gurus as they solve complex questions
  • Post-Session: Solve post-session exercises and progress to difficulty level 3 to master the topic.

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