CBSE Class 9 Prep Guide for Science, Math, English Subjects

Career Launcher team works with the sole aim to help CBSE Class 9 Students with a complete Study Module. CL's CBSE Class 9 Study Material is so designed that it creates a learning platform for you for subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English and affirm your knowledge of theoretical concepts and linguistic concepts as well. Key Notes available for Class 9 CBSE students are enriched with detailed explanations for all topics, as well as engaging content and pictorial graphics to support our material. Our Module covers Maths, Science and English for CBSE Class 9.
Highlights of our package are:

  • Detailed Chapter Notes with animations.
  • Unlimited Sample Papers and Practice Papers for exam prep.
  • Over a thousand solved questions with expert guidance.
  • Free NCERT Solutions based on latest CBSE Curriculum
  • Expert Help for NTSE and Olympiads.
  • Question answer and discussion forum via Confusion Adda

More so, our curriculum for CBSE Class 9 Students covers the vast syllabus prescribed by CBSE Board. Our aspiration is to tackle and abridge the most difficult portions in Class 9 Math, Class 9 Science and Class 9 English Grammar that students find issues in. Students in CBSE Class 9 can now study the smart way. Students wanting to prepare for various entrance examinations can also benefit from our study material.

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