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Civils General Studies pack

CL’s Civils General Studies pack offers an easy solution to stay updated with current affairs and latest news in an interesting and time saving way. Get all the latest news and relevant information with an in-depth analysis for a year. Go through the articles and you’ll be all set for your exam.

Topics covered:                                                                       

  • Polity & Governance
  • Economy, Finance, Industry
  • Social Issues
  • Environment & Ecology
  • Science & Technology
  • International Affairs

Program features:

  • IMPACT Analysis: Civils General Studies pack offers you the IMPACT analysis. Get in-depth understanding of the news with expert explanation, 5 days a week. Nurture your analytical skills and build the best understanding of the information.
  • Weekly & Monthly Quiz: A weekly and monthly quiz based on all major events help you solidify all the information. This will give you a glimpse of news phenomenon thereby, preparing you for the exam.
  • Monthly & Quarterly Compilation: A monthly and quarterly compilation of all events analyzed in a snapshot will help you to map all major events of the year. This acts the best tool of revision for the exam.
Price: Rs. 2999/-

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