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What you'll get from GMAT Weekend Classes

  • Refresh fundamentals of Mathematics and English grammar
  • Get thorough explanations and understanding of problem solutions
  • Get best faculty to inspire you to crack the exam
  • Polish methodology and techniques for building speed and efficiency
  • Develop test taking strategies which have worked & yielded top results
  • Plan your study for complete preperation and resolving all doubts


  • Live & interactive

    GMAT Weekend Classes offer 21 live sessions of 180 minutes each, by expert CL faculty. Interact with the experts through chat during the session and get answers to your queries. It's you and your mentor @ Live classes.

  • Get taught by only the best!

    Be taught by faculty who cracked the GMAT as well as other MBA Entrances. All this made possible by CL's Live GMAT Weekend Classroom program.

  • Get Social@GMAT. Get Social@CL!

    Get access to the GMAT Weekend Classes Whatsapp closed group with your peers and faculty. Didn't understand that intriguing verbal question? Discuss it with your peers and get more clarity.

  • Learn at your own pace. What's the hurry!

    The concepts taught in the live session went over your head? Relax. Watch the recorded session video again. Go slow, refer to the prep tools and guides to solve a question on the concept. You understand the lesson now!

  • Personal Counseling

    Each student will also receive a one-to-one diagnostic counseling session of 30 mins with Rajiv. The session will offer the students a chance of introspect and analyze their careers with sessions devised by a brilliant mix of scientific study coupled with experience.

  • Student Information System

    Videos of each session will be available in your SIS within 48 hours of the live session. The SIS account will give you access to various learning tools essential for your preparation.

How the program works?

Homework problems

Typically taken from actual, previously released GMAT. These questions are a random mix of medium and advanced difficulty exactly as per the GMAT level of difficulty.


Experience GMAT before the actual exam with GMAT Mock Tests and be best prepared. Analyze each mock to improve upon your weaknesses and find your strengths, improving your performance with every mock you take.

Practice drills

Take specific topic tests of the topics you cover. The test varying difficulty and will give you a good fact-check of your level of preparedness.

Virtual Classroom

The GMAT Preparation classes are delivered by CL Gurus, emphasizing on the GMAT OG questions and handpicked questions from previous years' papers to guide you through the toughest concepts and demonstrate their use.

Program Delivery

Weekend Sessions

The GMAT Preparation sessions will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from 5pm - 8pm, each session being 180 minutes long.

Homework Reviews

Online sessions will start with a homework review for about 30 minutes to clear all the doubts from the previous day's work


Each online session will have about 45 minutes devoted specifically on fundamentals and tackling typical problems, emphasizing on conceptual clarity-over-speed

Problem Solving

Each online session will involve solving GMAT-like questions, explained in thorough detail to help students gain a mastery over such questions in the future

Smart Study Material

The study material includes the GMAT Official Guide, Test Pack, IR Prep Pack , Verbal Review, Question Pack along with 7 Veritas Tests for an all-inclusive preparation.

Meet the core faculty

Academic Mentor
IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus
GMAT Score - 770
Rajiv Ganjoo
Ivy League Admissions Expert
Gautam Puri
Aptitude Guru
Co-Founder: Career Launcher
IIM Bangalore Alumnus
Chief Academic officer
IIM Calcutta Alumnus
Gautam Bawa
MBA Head
IIM Calcutta Alumnus

Our GMAT Students Testimonials

From Previous  Years Toppers

Abeer Nandrajog, GRE student, Career Launcher
Abeer Nandrajog
GMAT Score: 750

Attending classes at Career Launcher was of immense help to me in learning the concepts tested on the GMAT.I had excellent teachers, facilitating me grasp concepts with such a clarity not given even in Official Guides (OG); learnt how to tackle problems, especially math problems, quickly.

Ananya Chopra, GRE student, Career Launcher
Ananya Chopra
GMAT Score: 720

With the help of Career Launcher (CL), I gained a good grasp of the fundamental concepts necessary to perform well on the GMAT. The huge question bank provided by CL ensured that my practice never ended and that I had a better understanding of the major pitfalls and traps.

Hardika Narula, GMAT student, Career Launcher
Hardika Narula
GMAT Score: 710

From nowhere to UIUC...White Glow made it all possible. Especially the verbal classes, which not only changed my entire approach towards Critical Reasoning, but also enabled me enhance my perspective towards logic and reasoning as a whole. My special thanks to Rajiv Sir for being there right from the prep part till I got my visa in hand. Maths prep with Chinu Ma'am and assistance with visa procedure by Bidyut Sir, all of this truly made the whole process a lot easier than would have been!

Rishabh Sanghwan, GRE student, Career Launcher
Rishabh Sanghwan
GMAT Score: 740

While deciding for my GMAT Prep classes, I made an informed decision after evaluating multiple test prep organisation and joined White Glow Consulting. The faculty and the personalised approach helped me ace GMAT. It was an obvious choice of going ahead with Rajiv for MS Application and it eventually paid off. I made it to Masters in Finance program at ESADE, Ranked 2nd Globally for Pre-Experience MIF program.


Q:How are the sessions divided?

A:Each session lasts for 3 hours with the session break-up being as follows

  • 30 minutes - Doubts handling for the post-work for last session
  • 30 minutes - Concept Building
  • 120 minutes - Application of the concepts on Official GMAT problems


Q:Why has session plan been prepared as so?

A:Our main priority is customer success - so, every change is made to ensure it adds value to the learning of the student

  • Completing verbal (in the first 6 weeks) will ensure students have much more time to practice for verbal and take several mock exams to solidify their strategies for the actual GMAT
  • Since it is observed that Indian students struggle with the Verbal section, the structure of the course will give them more time and attention to master the section
  • Also, preparing for verbal in one go will help students make better connections with all the different concepts. A concentrated and focused preparation plan will yield better results as compared to a distributed approach

Q:How is a 3 Month - 63 Hour program sufficient for GMAT while CAT takes up to 6 months and many more hours?

A:Unlike CAT, GMAT requires strong fundamentals and concrete concepts of Quant and Verbal. Thus, despite a fairly trickier Verbal section as compared to CAT, a lot of time is saved in the excessive practice one would have to do for the Quant section while preparing for GMAT.

  • Verbal requires strengthening grammar rules and concepts but apart from that, there isn’t much else. It's about the application of those same few concepts across different situations.
  • In all, since there are fewer concepts tested on GMAT than on CAT, GMAT requires less time.
  • This will also help you understand why the session break-up is designed in a way to devote only 30 minutes to concepts and 120 minutes to the application part.

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