GMAT Classroom

GRE Classroom Program

GMAT Classroom Program

The GMAT classroom program aims at helping each aspirant to master in every section and every type of question that appears in the GMAT examination.

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Verbal Ability

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Admissions Consulting

Program features

Our Admissions Consulting program answers all your queries relating to admission and colleges abroad.

  • 80-hour power-packed GMAT classroom training program
  • Modular flexi-classroom program to suit your needs
  • Scientifically designed exercise-driven sessions for mastering concepts
  • Comprehensive and exhaustive study material apart from GMAC official Guides (OG)
  • Student portal with exhaustive practice tests for all sections, including AWA exercises

CL's online learning platform (SIS) offers:

  • Learn and practice to express succinctly. This could be of immense value in AWA
  • Articles covering different subjects from the best columnists to learn from
  • Exhaustive reference list of books across different subjects


  • Over 100 collated real GMAT AWA arguments discussed and significant arguments for practice


  • Adaptive tests from an exhaustive reservoir of thousands of questions
  • Full-length tests including a handful that are benchmarked with GMAT takers world wide

Pedagogy, Program Structure and Schedule

  • Every session is driven by class exercises encompassing a particular area of the subject. Every session is of two hours duration.
  • Since the key testing areas are of high school standard, each aspirant has exposure to all concepts; it is just a question of revisiting, retaining and implementing.
  • The methodology of solving class exercises and discussion, widens the thought process of students, thus developing in-depth knowledge of the subject.
  • This is based on the philosophy of   'learning by doing'. When you stumble and figure out the way to solve, you will retain it forever.


Session ID Module Handout Duration
VA-01 Critical Reasoning-01 - Introduction to GMAT + CR Introduction. CR-01 3 hr
VA-02 Critical Reasoning-02 - Inference & Paradox. CR-02 3 hr
VA-03 Critical Reasoning-03 - Assumption & Boldface. CR-03 3 hr
VA-04 Critical Reasoning-04 - Strengthen, Weaken, Flaw, Evaluate. CR-04 3 hr
VA-05 Sentence Correction-01 - Introduction, Subject Verb Agreement. SC-01 3 hr
VA-06 Sentence Correction-02 - Modifiers, Nouns, Pronouns. SC-02 3 hr
VA-07 Sentence Correction-03 - Verb Tense, Idioms, Odds & Ends. SC-03 3 hr
VA-08 Sentence Correction-04 - Parallelism, Comparisons. SC-04 3 hr
VA-09 Reading Comprehnsion-01 - Fundamentals & Genres RC-01 3 hr
VA-10 Reading Comprehnsion-02 - Question Types. RC-02 3 hr
VA-11 Analytical Writing Assessment. AWA 3 hr
VA-12 Official Guide Review & Practice OG'17 3 hr
36 hr


Advisory on maximizing your learning, retention and performance

  • Revise whatever has been covered in a session the very same day (within six hours of the class).
  • Revisit the concepts and problems solved within the next 24 hours.
  • Do every question which is done in the class, without taking any aid.
  • Do as many unsolved problems / questions as possible.
  • Discuss with co-learners to find the best possible way of solving problems.
  • The more you practice, greater is the felicity.
  • Make Flashcards of every concept that you learn; carry these with you to glance and revise at every possible opportunity.


Abeer Nandrajog
Abeer Nandrajog
GMAT Score: 750

Attending classes at Career Launcher was of immense help to me in learning the concepts tested on the GMAT.I had excellent teachers, facilitating me grasp concepts with such a clarity not given even in Official Guides (OG); learnt how to tackle problems, especially math problems, quickly.

Ananya Chopra
Ananya Chopra
GMAT Score: 720

With the help of Career Launcher (CL), I gained a good grasp of the fundamental concepts necessary to perform well on the GMAT. The huge question bank provided by CL ensured that my practice never ended and that I had a better understanding of the major pitfalls and traps. Moreover, CL offers an amazing service - Instructors are not only well prepared but also very friendly. They tackle every question by following a deep approach and help you to resolve any doubt that you may have. In addition, sessions are well designed, with great clarity, covering every topic that the GMAT will test. The exercises provided are very GMAT like, at times little more challenging than those in the actual GMAT, characteristic that contributes to improve the relevant skills. CL helped me learn a lot of the tricks in quant, on which the Official Guide was silent. Thank you Career Launcher for all the guidance and support!