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  mba - course options
  There are a variety of programs available. The decision should be based on your interests, ability to crack the different entrance exams and the time at your disposal to do a course.
MBA Course Options
  The Two-year Full-time Program  
  Start from scratch.
Get the basics in place.
  The One-year Full-time Program
  Add an extra edge to your career.
  The Part-time Program  
  Be sure of your career goals.  
  Other Variants  
  Explore alternatives to the
two-year full-time program.
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  The Right Fit  
The decision to do an MBA is an important step. Equally important is choosing which MBA program to go for. Today, for an aspiring candidate there are several options available, which include: a full-time program (two-year and one-year), a part-time program or a distance-learning program (including online). The selection criteria for you should be your interests, the time you can devote to the course, choice of B-school and the fact that specializations offered vary between institutes.
  The Two-year Full-time Program  
It provides an all-encompassing experience, as well as the opportunity to network and take active part in extra-curricular and other on-campus activities. These programs start from scratch and are ideal for those who have no work experience or whose experience is less than 3 years. It is also the most preferred option as far as recruiters are concerned.
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  The One-year Full-time Program  
It is meant specifically for those with work experience, who are looking for a career shift or adding that extra edge to their qualifications. However, going for a one-year course implies an increased level of dedication, rigor and commitment from the candidate.
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  The Part-time Program  
If you already have a steady job but have a definite career path in mind, part-time MBA programs are for you. However, do keep in mind that such a course is devoid of certain advantages that the full-time programs offer, namely the opportunity to interact with peers on a regular basis that a residential two-year course would offer. A large number of applicants to these programs are looking for skill upgradation that could help them change jobs or to get higher compensation by making the 'grade' within their existing organization. These courses normally vary from two to three years in duration.
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  Distance-learning Programs  
Study material is given to the students and then most 'good' distance learning programs also have contact classes. The contact classes are generally of three types: physically held at the city of the aspirant, classes held at the B-school campus for a week twice a year, and regular classes that are beamed live into classrooms in select cities using virtual satellite technology over VSAT. These programs are generally more useful from a 'getting the degree' rather than learning perspective.
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  Specialized MBAs  
A specialized MBA is for those aspirants who do not want to specialize in the usual fields of marketing or finance. A specialized MBA offers rare specializations in the fields of rural, telecom or retail management, to name a few. Needless to say, going for such a specialized course implies a well thought-out career plan.
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