6 hours for 60 marks

That's right. Learn simple tricks and techniques to make a significant improvement in your CAT 2017 score.

Meet the top B-Schools

Interact with representatives from ISB, IIMs, IBS & other premiere B-Schools.

Interact with Gurus

Learn smart tips & tricks from CL Aptitude Gurus like GP, Gejo, Arkss & GB.

Watch and Learn!

Learn from and engage with CL Mentors, such as GP and Gejo. They will not just tell you how to approach the exam, or each question, but show you how. Through an interactive session, we will walk you through examples and sample questions. Demonstrating what we teach, together we will solve these sample questions and you will be able to experience the smarter, CL-way of cracking CAT.

CL Gurus

Gautam Puri /  Co-Founder: CL

GP is the MBA Guru. An IIMB alumnus, GP focuses on fundamentals & shares test-taking strategies. GP makes CAT prep simple.

Gejo /  IIM C Alumnus

An IIM-C alumnus, sessions with Gejo are high on energy, he uses a straightforward approach to address student queries and doubts.

Gautam Bawa /  MBA HEAD

An IIM-C alumnus, Get a fresh look at how to crack CAT with Gautam Bawa, popular member of CL faculty, GB makes the more complex problems easy.

ARKS Srinivas

ARKS Srinivas(Arkss), an alumnus of IIM Calcutta, is a legendary teacher and a great motivator who has successfully mentored thousands of students to succeed.

Student Testimonials

Sanchit Garg

Sanchit Garg

Currently Studying at IIM Calcutta
Enrollment ID: 10970948

My first encounter with you was at the SQC workshop. I was astounded to see what I have been missing by not being in CL. Honestly I was floored to see your humility. If I ever get successful, I hope to be as humble as you. You even found the time to talk with me personally on multiple occasions probably during one of your busiest time. I am extremly thankful to you.

Vivek Salwan

Vivek Salwan

Currently Studying at IIM Calcutta

To secure admission in IIM Calcuta has been like a dream come true. I thank CL for helping me realize this dream. It was Gautam Aggarwal Sir who made me comfortable with QA,DI and trained to use logic & reasoning. SQC by GP further helped push my scores and I finally scored 99.89 in CAT. It is the whole CL Team with their excellent pedagogy, Mocks and use of technology that made it possible. Thanks!