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Understanding the XAT Scorecard

Section Name Percentage Relative Percentage* Percentile
Quantitaive and Analytical Ability 9.33 15.22 44.82
Verbal and Logical Ability 0 0 3.86
General Awareness 0 0 22.44
Total 4 8.68 10.1
* This denotes the Relative Score in Percentage. The relative % is your percentage mark obtained with reference to the maximum score in that section by anybody.

Percentage - My score in that section. For e.g. The Quant Section had 75 Qs. The student mentioned above has a %age of 9.33. Which means he would have scored 7 marks in this section.

You can find out your score in each of the sections by simply multiplying your %score with the number of questions in that section. (75 for Quant, 65 for EU & 35 for GK - 175 overall)

  % Score Your Score
Quantitative and Analytical Ability
Verbal and Logical Ability
General Awareness

Relative %age - This as rightly stated above is your percentage marks with reference to the maximum score. As is clear from the above, a Total %age of 4 is 7 marks. This means that 8.68% of the total % marks is 7 or 100% of the total %marks is 80.6 (7 divided by 8.68).

Percentile - My score in relation to the highest score obtained in that section. For e.g. The student mentioned above has a %ile of 10.1. This means that between him and the topper, there are 89.9% of the all the people who have sat for the XAT exam. Therefore, if your percentile is 95, it means that 95% of all students taking the test lie below you and conversely that you lie in the top 5%

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