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Chairman's message to aspiring candidates

"Imagination, skills, and work ethic are some of the elements of the secret sauce called 'success'.

Remember, each of these is critical. Even if one of them is missing, the outcomes will not be visible.

However, when all of these elements are available - and in abundance - in a youth (or in a team), magic begins to happen.

Are you the one who brings these to CL? Are you the one, who is excited to make a difference to the world through education, research, and training? Do you love to work with a platform like CL Educate?

It is a once-in-a-350-year opportunity for India to rise again to the top of nations. Education and youth are going to play a crucial role in this journey over the next decade. CL would love to play a part in it through her innovation and trustworthy execution."

To join Team CL, send your resume to careers@careerlauncher.com

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Satya Narayanan .R

Our Core Values

CL's Core Values define our very purpose and reason for existence. They shape our culture; and guide us in the way forward.

Risk Taking
Risk Taking

We, at CL, are always ready to accept new challenges and responsibilities. We act decisively, on the basis of sound judgement and intuition.


We value openness to ideas, people, and different attitudes. We encourage being simple, approachable, transparent, and inspiring team initiative.


We care for the company's resources as our own. Each one of us carries the team, making up for others. In fact, to us 'Ownership' is more like 'Own the ship'!

Honesty to the Customer
Honesty and Commitment to the Customer

At CL, we are honest and committed to each one of our customers. We communicate clearly and specifically to the customer regarding the deliverables and their expectations.


CL believes in embracing new ideas; and in continuously improving to create products, systems, and processes to enhance the organization's effectiveness internally, while meeting customer needs.