Banking & Govt. Jobs

Preparing graduate students for banking and other government jobs, as well as for PSU entrances requires a combination of the right study material, quality faculty, and the availability of both at the right location. Our basket of programs is available for classroom delivery, correspondence programs, and test series.


A coaching center for banking, government jobs, and exams such as GATE requires an initial investment in the range of Rs.5 to 10 lakhs. This would include your center rent, basic infrastructure and a sales and marketing budget.

Who should choose this program

If you are an executive with 10+ years of professional experience with a strong academic inclination and are looking to start your own business, this could be the ideal option for you. Ideally, you should have some basic proficiency in either quantitative ability or verbal skills, as being involved as an academic mentor is highly recommended.

Competition Study

Study the competition in your city and near your proposed location. It is important to choose a location that is accessible for students and one where there is an actual need for such a center. Understanding your closest competitor will help you prepare the right business plan and execute it.

Break even

For the banking and government job test preparation products, you can expect to break even by the second year, as the initial investment is low.