Engineering & Medical

The engineering and medical entrance test prep programs are amongst our more popular programs for students still in school. Available as both one-year and two-year variants, these programs are brilliantly designed and take into consideration the load of the school curriculum and the entrance exam prep.


The primary investment heads for you in this business are faculty cost, rent and sales & marketing. Unlike the other franchise opportunities that CL Educate offers, the faculty cost in this line of work can be rather high, hence a minimum of a two person partnership team where at least one, and ideally both teach two out of the three primary subjects would cut down your basic expenditure considerably.

Who should choose this program

Engineers from top colleges such as IITs, NITs, or BITs are ideal business partners. Prior teaching experience will be a distinct advantage, and the ability to teach at least one subject amongst Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is mandatory. Experience of working in a corporate for 10 or more years will be an added bonus.

Right faculty and location

Location and faculty will define the success of your center. It is important to get involved yourself - be it via mentoring or teaching, and choose a central, easily accessible location.

Break even

You should be able to break even the operational cost by the time you hit 50 student enrollments, which will be within the first 18 months of operation.