Civil Services, CA and GATE

With a combination of VSAT-enabled centers and a roster of renowned faculty, we are able to offer coaching for General Civil Service Exams, Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Banking, SSC, GATE and other competitive exams in tier 1 and 2 cities. From our state-of-the-art studio in Delhi, sessions with the most respected and successful faculty are beamed across live to the authorized centers. Through the ETEN-platform, students receive intensive, personalized, and advanced teaching in their own hometown.

Initial investment & set-up costs

With the problem of quality faculty resolved through VSAT sessions, the investment required for ETEN-enabled programs for UPSC, CA, CS, Banking, SSC, and GATE is primarily for classroom infrastructure and business development.

Ideal partner profile

If you are an alumnus from a premier management or engineering institute, a former civil servant, or a chartered accountant looking to start your own venture, this is the ideal program for you. Experience of working in a corporate or at a mid- to senior-level with the government will be ideal. Knowledge of either the Civil Services space or a background in finance would be an added bonus.

Infrastructure for VSAT sessions

Sessions for the UPSC, CA, GATE, and other programs are conducted over VSAT, using the ETEN platform. Your center will, therefore, need to have a very reliable high-speed internet connection and classrooms will need to be equipped with the necessary technology.

Break even

ETEN-driven products have the advantage of bringing the best faculty in the country to every possible city or town. With geography no longer a barrier to your success, selecting a good location becomes very important. If these key factors are taken care of, you should be able to return an operational profit by the second year of operation.