MBA, Law, and BBA

Our MBA, Law, and BBA coaching programs prepare students for some of the toughest entrance exams. Using our updated curriculum and online resources, this bucket of programs prepare students for exams such as CAT, XAT, CLAT, CET, LSAT, and others.


The major investment heads for you in the early stages of your business include the licensing fee, infrastructure expenses and sales and marketing costs. The exact licensing fee is a function of the number of programs you choose, and can vary anywhere between Rs.5-20 Lakhs.

Who should choose these programs

If you are an alumnus from a premiere institute such as an IIT, IIM or National Law School, this is the program bucket for you to select. Experience of teaching at a top college or a successful corporate career are also welcome attributes.

Choice of Location

For running a successful MBA, BBA, or Law coaching center, it is important to have a good location, which can cover a large student catchment area. This would ideally be either in the heart of the city or near a set of schools and / or colleges.

Break even

While investing in an education business should be done with a long term objective in mind, you may well break even anywhere between a year to 2 years, depending on the positive word of mouth your business generates. We have several case studies though of cities that have broken even within their first year of operation too!