Corporate Internship

The students who enter college today are expected to don the role of leaders sooner than earlier. And for them to translate ideas into actions that have an effective and lasting impact on the public good, it is important that they rule both with their mind and heart. Many successful applicants demonstrate - through relevant coursework, work experience, internships, or research - a deep commitment to public service and a desire to tackle today’s most pressing challenges.

The ad-com (admission committee) members look to see what other volunteer or pro bono work can serve as evidence of the student's commitment to doing work of public importance & community uplift. It is not always that many educational institutions around the world seek this kind of a profile. However, increasingly, the colleges seek to populate the incoming batch of students with an order of diversity unseen before.

This effort (in creating a diverse batch) leads to greater cohesion of purpose, complementarity of the cohort and a development of tolerance to a multitude of view points. There are some educational systems that are well advanced in that path. There are some other systems in other parts of the world which are gravitating towards that orbit.

One of such diversity creators is the Corporate Internship that students even while in Class-IX or X can involve themselves in. Being part of a corporate helps the children come to terms with industry expectations. An oft-repeated need in the industry circles is to help improve employability and an immediately explanatory additional expectation is to increase acadamia-industry interface.

Career Launcher offers Corporate Internship as part of Admission Consulting. Our corporate partners are involved in a variety of industries - like financial services, educational services, digital marketing, consumer packaged goods, information technology, software services, business consulting and entrepreneurial start-ups! Many of them would love to lap you up to help you get to become familiar with working in a corporate environment and also add to the innovation quotient with a fresh pair of eyes.

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