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Our Approach

  • Dream College Program is a personalized, process-driven, and holistic approach to the admission process of the Top Universities abroad. Specifically in the US, Canada and Europe.
  • The entire program is tailored to help you find best fit career option and get admitted to relevant programs in top universities abroad. Our team of mentors, counsellors, and editors help you identify & achieve your goals.

How does the Dream College Program help you?

The admission process at most of the top universities across the globe focuses on the holistic evaluation of the candidate, which includes academics, standardized test scores, and applicant profile.

Our program helps the aspirant prepare for the best-fit program and comprises of three components -

SAT Prep (Private Tutoring)

  • 60+ hours of rigorous one-on-one classes of 1.5 hours each
  • 5000+ Practice Questions
  • 4 Practice Tests
  • One on One Practice Test Review

IELTS Prep (Private Tutoring)

  • 20+ hours of rigorous one-on-one classes of 1 hour each
  • Online Practice Module - 700+ questions with sample responses & explanations
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • One on One Speaking Interview Practice

Concept / Research Paper Publishing

  • The student is allocated a research mentor who will help the student to navigate the entire process with the end goal of publishing the concept paper at a conference. The entire process takes 8-11 months, from conceptualization to publishing.

Guidance for Social Work

  • The mentor allocated to the aspirant will guide the student to participate in relevant social projects with well-defined goals.

Guidance for Relevant Competitions & Activities

  • The mentor allocated to the aspirant would carefully select/shortlist these competitions and activities and guide the student accordingly.

Admission Consulting

The entire process can be divided into the following steps

  • Career Counseling
  • Goal Setting
  • Skill Gap Analysis and College Selection
  • Profile Brainstorming
  • Guidance on Essays
  • Document Compilation and Review
  • Interview Prep and Mock Interviews
  • Brainstorming Session on Final School Decision

Consulting Mentors

Gautam Puri

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Nikhil Mahajan

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Shiva Kumar R

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R Sreenivasan

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ARKS Srinivas

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Satya Narayanan R

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Anubhav Seth

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Himanshu Jain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Admission consulting is an engaging long term process through which a mentor attempts to completely understand the aspirant in terms of their goals/aspirations, skill sets, abilities, preferences across country/culture and available options with respect to financing their education. Based on these aspects the mentors map the profile parameters with the right course and college and enable students to achieve their goals. To understand more, we would recommend that you book a free consulting session with one of our mentors.

You will be allocated one dedicated mentor / consultant who would be aided by the complete consulting team in various capacities. However, your Personal Interviews would be taken by a different mentor to enable your mentor in getting an external perspective on your profile / candidature. You'll have multiple eyes looking at your application to end up with the strongest possible application.

From our pool of talented consultants/mentors to choose from, we match you to the ideal consultant for you based on 3 factors: 1) the colleges you are applying to, 2) your career and academic interests, 3) your personal background and personality. Our customized matching to your ideal consultant increases your chances of getting into your top choice schools.

Our goal is to make sure you have at least one great school, while also aiming for top-choice reach schools.

Therefore, we plan to apply to a range of schools that contain safe universities, target universities, and ambitious universities. Very roughly, safe universities are those to which we feel we have a >70% chance of admission; ambitious universities are those with a < 20% chance of admission; and target universities are in between. The % chance of admission is first based around 1) your coursework, GPA, and SAT/ACT scores and 2) the universities admissions rate, and average GPA/SAT/ACT.

This is just the starting point for our list of schools. You may have special preferences for universities based on your personal interests, and we'll make sure to apply to all universities to which you have a good fit.

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