Research/Concept Paper Writing Process

Career Launcher offers a unique pedagogy for Research/Concept Paper Development. This process starts with the step we call "Topic Identification ", during which the students would be encouraged to come up with their own original idea note, that seeks to describe their planned work. This "planned work" could be in the area where the student is studying or seeks to be a specialist in. Once the original idea is identified, discussed and beefed up, the students take time to write the full concept note.

We help the students here, apart from the active mentoring, through these steps:

Research Concept Papers

As a part of the process of preparing a full concept note, the students undertake the following activities:

(a) Literature Survey: They go through a lot of secondary literature available for subscribers or for the general public in the research & public domain respectively. In doing so, they will be able to avoid plagiarism and walking the beaten path again. Once the literature survey eliminates the possibility of duplicate efforts, the students mount a deeper search that helps them refine & sharply focus on the topic that interests them within their domain of expertise.

(b) Abstract Submission: The abstract normally tends to be not more 4-5 pages long. Within this limited detail, the student will be able to define the scope of engagement with reference to the topic chosen, the expanse of the project, and the big purpose of the research being proposed. This also helps the student call out what the research will not represent or delve into.

(c) Research Methodology: This step involves sketching the methodology, conducting the experiment and compiling the results. Using our support, the student can get access to thousands of fellow researchers who may be working on a problem similar to the student's. The student may also get a chance to restricted equipment.The Research work normally would be in the form of a survey, an experiment or even a review.

(d) Full Paper Writing / Documentation: In all the above topics, the student has extensively interacted with the Research mentor, who has been very participative in helping evolve the construct of the project. Here on, the student is literally in deep waters, where the support from the mentor, though always available, is deliberately kept to the reasonable minimum, in order to ensure originality of the project's deliverables.

(e) Conference/Presentation: During the Full Paper Writing stage, the mentor has been busy identifying the conferences in which the student's paper would be a best-fit candidate to be presented. This effort, along with the student's academic guide (in the educational institution), will help showcase the student as a star performer/researcher in the topic chosen to be researched upon.

(f) Paper Publication: Post or during the run-up to the Conference Presentation, the expert panel of your chosen Conference/Journal may request the student for changes or make further recommendations to the research work. The team from Career Launcher helps in adding that final touch that make the student's dream of publishing a quality research article a reality!

How will the research mentoring happen?

The Research Mentoring will be done by our qualified Research Mentors, who have been trained by Accendere (the research arm of Career Launcher) in implementing innovation in Universities and Schools across the country. The exploratory sessions will be held via Skype or over a telephone call. This will be followed by constant support over e-mail, telephone and Skype until the paper is presented in a relevant conference/journal.

Will this help in university admissions?

Whether you are a high-school student aspiring to go to a top University in the world for your Bachelor's degree or an under-graduate student aspiring to do your masters in a top global University or at a prestigious B-School, your research credentials are extremely important to the institution you have applied to, when they go about deciding if they should grant you admission.

It is the dream of every University in the world to invite applicants that display a keen sense of appreciation towards and have had hands-on experience in Research & Innovation. There are separate sections in the application forms of the universities that ask you for what research you have done before applying to them. Scholarships are also decided basis your research credentials.

Will this help me in Placements?

When you sit in an interview, the interviewer would love to see something unique in your resume that he has already not seen in the hundreds if not thousands of resumes screened that week.

Your Research Credentials aim to achieve just that. You will have your innovative ideas translated into publications that lead to high level engagement with the interviewer. This also helps you lead the interview into your area of strength.

Will this help me if I want to start a company on my own?

Entrepreneurship is about identifying a problem to solve and adding value towards arriving at its solution. The Research Mentorship Program helps you to just that. You pick a topic and explore it in great depth to arrive at a proposed solution. Your solution is further validated by experts who review it, and becomes a part of public record. This can be used to bolster your credentials as a subject matter expert in the area when you speak to potential investors.

What is a (Research) Conference?

A conference is an event organized by an institution that plays host to a group of eminent personalities in the field. Every conference has a theme associated with it. People who attend the conference get a chance to rub shoulders with the best in their field of interest; and also open themselves to the wide world of possibilities. Look for conferences around the world with our Target Recommender Tool after signing up.

What is a (Research or Publishing) Journal?

Think of magazines that you have read. They are filled with articles of interest to the magazine. In the Research world, journals are like magazines which publish research articles that are of interest to them and which satisfy their stringent quality criteria. Most Nobel Prize winners have their work published in top Journals around the world like Nature, Science etc.

I have not heard of any such program or service. What is the overall concept?

Research Experience is a new unique concept and Career Launcher has launched the first of its kind product to help change the way research is undertaken by students around the world. In doing so, we have consulted many researchers across multiple fields of specialization and framed the best process that emerged out of the confabulations. We believe that this process is the best process currently available and are constantly in the process of improving the quality, delivery, academic, research and rigor standards that this product seeks to provide the students!

What are the additional costs associated with this initiative?

  • Your publication can be in a conference or a journal.
  • Most conferences charge a registration fee.
  • Many journals are free.
  • Conference/Journal Fee: Payable to the Conference/Journal.
  • Travel and associated expenses: Applicable only in case of Conference presentations where you have to travel.
  • Paper Framing and Shipping Expenses

On what basis do you target conferences/journals for presentation?

We target conferences/journals based on the quality of output produced by the student. Our experts, with their years of experience in the field, are able to identify where a potential paper may be published, and communicate it accordingly. We have no prior agreements with conferences. Selections happen purely on the basis of merit. The best papers may also be sent to competitions that encourage research from young minds.

I am currently in High School (Class IX, X, XI, XII). How does this program help me?

A few years from now, you will be taking a decision to pursue a career choice. To ensure that you will be confident about the stream that you would like to pursue for the next fifty years of their life, the program offers you a snapshot of the cutting-edge topics in your field of interest, and an opportunity to present your ideas in front of the best minds in their chosen field by helping you identify conferences in your field of interest. This 'first-hand experience' ensures that you will be confident about what lies in store ahead.

The process is also extremely fun oriented, and it involves opening up your mind to innovative solutions. It helps to instill three major skills - Original Thinking skills, Creative Problem Solving skills and Good Presentation skills.

I intend to take SAT/ACT for my Bachelor's program. How does this program help me?

It is the dream of any University in the world to invite applicants that rank highly on Research & Innovation Quotient. The college admission board of every University in North America/Europe/Australia & New Zealand value students who take the initiative to work on their interests and those who display a good 'Research' quotient, regardless of the area of the interest.

The Conceptual Research Experience helps your profile stand out among your peers and increases your chances of getting admitted into prestigious Ivy League Colleges and your chances of securing financial aid and scholarships.

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