A completely LIVE online training program for SAT-ACT aspirants. The program takes the students through all the topics starting from the basics of each topic. The course follows the tutoring model where our mentors use well renowned books in the market for the SAT-ACT training. Our expert trainers not only impart the conceptual clarity needed but also make sure that the students get the much needed mentoring to crack an exam like SAT-ACT. Our program makes sure that each of the students' weaknesses are brought out during the special one-on-one test discussion sessions so that our mentors can correct those mistakes during the training. We make sure that we understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses and device a preparation plan suited for each student separately. While the classes are conducted taking a group of students together, the mentoring is done one-on-one separately to assess the students' progress.

Below are the program features:

  • 60 hours of LIVE online training on all SAT-ACT topics
  • 15 hours of (one-on-one) test discussions and strategy discussions
  • Hard copy of
  • College Board Official Guide
  • Kaplan's Math Workbook
  • Kaplan's English Workbook
  • Barron's SAT Practice Test Book

Program Benefits:

  • The student will solve more than 500 problems in the class during the entire duration of the course
  • Conceptual clarity on all Reading, Writing, and Math taken in a way that is suitable even for students who have not taken these subjects in their 11th and 12th
  • One-on-one mentoring and guidance to make sure the student's weaknesses are identified and corrected
  • Strategy based on students' strengths and weakness to attack the SAT-ACT exams
  • LIVE Online classes from your home - no need to travel. Learn from your home

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