Flame University: Liberal Arts Program

About University:

FLAME was founded with an idealistic vision and a social commitment to make a positive contribution to society. FLAME's educational goal is to go beyond the well-known and well-understood structured and narrowly enclosed forms of information.

FLAME develops students who have a strong ambition to study and grow continuously, welcome new ideas, value variety with a goal to succeed, and offer their all towards excellence in all sectors of life on 60 acres of green space. Perspective-taking, communication skills and competencies, problem-solving skills, creativity, innovation, teamwork, and ethics are all part of the programme.

UG Programs under Liberal Arts:

The Specialization Courses give understudies the chance to dig further into a space of their decision. Understudies are relied upon to distinguish their spaces of specialization toward the finish of the third term in their first year. These are partitioned into - the essential space of specialization, otherwise called the major, and the optional space of specialization, called the minor.

  • In the first place, in setting out this freedom for understudies to pick two spaces of specialization with shifting levels of profundity (a significant and a minor), FLAME allows understudies an opportunity to ride their inclinations in unmistakable controls and to assume the errand of recognizing the spaces of convergence between them. 

  •  Second, in offering exceptional interdisciplinary majors, for example, International Studies, Literary and Cultural Studies and Environmental Studies, FLAME has acquainted novel projects with India, however it has set out open doors for understudies to adjust their unique advantages by investigating the Social Sciences alongside coursework in the Humanities or even the Physical and Natural Sciences. 

  • Third, aside from being exceptionally interdisciplinary, the degree programs at FLAME University are likewise research-situated in their core interest. 

FLAME University offers the following areas of specializations:

B.A. - Economics, Psychology, Literary & Cultural Studies, International Studies, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Public Policy, Sociology

B.A. (Hons) - Economics (Minors are not available in the Honours program)

B.Sc. - Applied Mathematics

B.Sc. (Hons) - Computer Science (Minors are not available in the Honours program).(ICONS)


  • In the case of Higher Secondary School Certificate (or an equivalent qualification) or State Boards, CBSE and CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations), 40% marks in 12th standard with English as one of the subjects is the minimum requirement. 

  • In order to be eligible to pursue 'Honours degree program in Economics' or 'Honours degree program in Computer Science' you must have passed Mathematics as one of the subjects at 12th or equivalent level (Subject to additional requirements mentioned in the academic handbook). 


We have our own admission test called the FLAME Entrance Aptitude Test (FEAT). We also accept SAT / ACT scores for admission. In the application form you need to indicate whether you wish to appear for FEAT. FLAME University's DI Code for SAT applicants is 6784. FLAME University's  ACT college code is 8974. All applicants applying with the SAT / ACT score need to upload their official transcripts on the FLAME Application Portal. You also need to provide your admission cycle preference for FEAT (if applicable), Essay and One-way Video Interview are held on the same day.


Essay, and 

One-way Video Interview 

FLAME University will try to schedule your FEAT, Essay and One-way Video Interview during your preferred admission cycle.


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