Learn how to use CL's College Network now

Welcome to CL's College Network (CCN)! Now you can apply to numerous colleges with absolute ease by filling just one application form.
Here is your 4 step Guide for applying to colleges with CCN

Step 1 - Form Filling

Start off with filling up the application form by going to My Form given in the Navigation bar

Once the form is completely filled and saved, you can apply to colleges by just a click of the button!


Step 2 - Choose your domain

CCN brings to you MBA, Law, BBA and Engineering colleges

Each domain has an assortment of good colleges that are eager to shortlist you. Choose the domain you wish to apply for.


Step 3 - College Finder

To apply to a college, visit the College Finder given on that domain's page. For this demo, we're in the MBA domain.

Once inside the College Finder, setup the filters as per your choice


Step 4 - Apply to the Colleges

Based on your filter choices, the College Finder will show you all the possible colleges

All you've got to do is - go ahead and apply!