Decoding Calculations: Square Roots

Open session on faster calculations

Learn how to calculate square roots up to 1000 and two places of decimals without using pen and paper.

September 22, 2022

20:00 Hrs

Praveen Tyagi

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Why should you attend this session?

Calculating faster and accurately is one of the most important parts of entrance exams. Any entrance exam requires you to attempt multiple complicated calculations within a short time frame. It is a difficult task to do so without proper knowledge followed by tricks and practice.

This open session by Praveen Tyagi (Creator of Secrets Behind Faster Calculations) will focus on calculating square roots within seconds and without having to use a pen or calculator. So far, Praveen Tyagi has helped thousands of students benefit during his tenure as an educator, and so will you by attending this session.

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Praveen Tyagi

Creator of Secrets Behind Faster Calculations

With over 25 years of experience as an educator, Praveen has been actively involved in helping students realize their MBA dreams for the last 18 years. He has also authored several books on calculations and GD-PI. His ability to connect with students makes his classes interesting and full of knowledge, making the transition from basic to advanced level as seamless as it can get.