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Get FREE access to important questions, Mathematics marathon sessions, doubt solving on demand, mock papers and analysis, and college counselling. This is Project Lakshya, a student benefit initiative for board support by the CL foundation.

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Here's more for your last-minute CBSE board exam preparation

LIVE practice of important questions

LIVE practice of important questions

Solve over 500 important questions for your board exams with CL's experts in various live sessions

LIVE Sessions on exam strategy

LIVE sessions on exam strategy

Live sessions for each subject on how to write answers in board exams and how to solve tricky problems

Doubt solving on Telegram

Doubt solving on Telegram

Get quick guidance from board experts and volunteers on the Telegram board helplines

Subject-wise mock exams

Subject-wise mock exams

Experience the actual board exam with board-like mock tests at 10:30 am and followed by in-depth analysis by expert faculty

Mathematics Marathon sessions

Mathematics Marathon sessions

Solve along as CL experts solve 100-200 problems in a single session from the last 10 years of board papers

Counselling and emotional support

Counselling and emotional support

Seek mindset and emotional help on a helpline number being attended to by qualified counsellors

Join the CBSE Board Helpline and get started

GEt free access to content on and get joining links to subject-specific Telegram grouups

Get support and mentoring for your board preparation by the experts

Each telegram group is anchored by our subject HOD, and a few senior teachers along with several helpful volunteers. Just post your doubts on the group and the response or explanation will be posted back in minutes. In the worst case, in a couple of hours.

All you need to do is to click on the joining link of your relevant channel and become a member of the board helpline from the choices below.

You have prepared well, but last minute help matters

In the class X and class XII board examination, every mark matters. Whether we like it or not, the percentage of marks you score in these board examinations matter for your entire academic and professional career at various crucial stages.

Board exam doubt clearing made easy

We know what could be troubling you ahead of your crucial board exams. You could be:

  • Stuck with doubts in some key concepts
  • Entangled in tricky problems that you are unable to solve
  • Seeking some specific explanation to solidify some tougher concepts

These are the usual places you get caught up in as you reach the last few weeks of your board preparation.

No one knows this better than we do. That is why we have put together a board helpline service for you.

Motivational and Knowledge Session by Experts

Following are some snippets of the motivational sessions and video conducted for students by our experts.

Taking care of your health

Manage Your Apprehension and Stress

The science behind memory

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