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CL's CAT Books & Study Material is ideal for self-starters who like to study at their own pace. The comprehensive and regularly updated CAT exam books and mocks would prove to be beneficial for all kinds of aspirants.

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Accessible everywhere and at all times, our CAT Study Material ensures that students learn only relevant topics. Solution books and videos included in the premium package help analyse weaker areas and develop an efficient exam strategy.

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Comprehensive CAT Study Material

Study at your own pace with 24*7 access to our regularly updated CAT exam books and mocks. Learn difficult concepts quickly from our highly trusted Fundabooks and solve practice questions regularly to be able to crack all MBA exams.

Sectional Tests

Analyse your test performances to identify weaker areas, improve performance and develop an efficient strategy for the exam.

750+ Video Solutions

Make the most of the video solutions delivered by esteemed CL Gurus: GP, Shivku, GB, Tarun and Saral. The comprehensive package includes 200+ questions in VRC, 200+ questions in LRDI and 350+ questions in QA.

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Why should an aspirant opt for CAT Study Material?

With 11 CLites among the short list of 100 percentilers and a glorious record of more than 19,000 CLites getting at least one IIM call, our CAT study material is among the most reliable and trusted among aspirants. Besides 24*7 access to all our study material, you can also get your queries promptly and satisfactorily answered by the CL academic team via email.

What would be the best approach to crack CAT 2017?

The best approach to crack CAT lies in taking as many practice tests as possible. Revise the basics first and then proceed to topic tests and mocks. Analysis of each mock is as important as taking a mock. After each test, take time to analyse your performance and figure out areas of improvement. Daily practice and revision across the different sections will ensure success in the exam.

25,764 IIM calls in CAT '17 | 35% increase over CAT '16

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