Module-wise Courses on Number System, Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry & Modern Maths

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Ace Number System, Algebra & Other Topics
with expert-led video lessons and easy to learn tools. Over 1100+ most important Questions discussed Per Course.

Praveen sir has been conducting impactful sessions for the last 25 years

ENERGETIC, Knowledgeable, True Mentor...

Shubham Sethi (Student)

Praveen Sir is the most student friendly Teacher

Krishna (Student)

Self discipline , Persistence and Perseverance...

Lokesh Rajpurohit (Student)

Unique content with a Unique teaching style

Anurag Chauhan (Student)

Millions of problems one solution : Praveen Tyagi Sir

Ishan Singh (Student)

Praveen sir is a passionate & excellent teacher...

Ritika Singh (Student)

Why Prepare for CAT with Praveen Tyagi?

Simple Approach

Simple Approach

Over 25 Years of Experience and Innovative Skills of Praveen Tyagi make concepts easy to understand and gives one a simplistic approach of solving questions.

Interesting Lectures

Interesting Lectures

The powerful personality of Praveen makes the lectures humorous and makes the hour-long classes go by soon.

Advanced Level Proficiency

Advanced Level Proficiency.

Every topic starts with the basics and gradually move to the Advanced Level, thus enabling the average students to attain high proficiency.

Program Features

Recorded Lessons

Study for 60 minutes a day with on-demand lessons you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Skill Development : Material

Students will be provided with Hand Written notes, Tests and Assignments starting from Basic and progress to Moderate and Advanced.

Memorization & Calculation Techniques

Techniques to remember formulae and calculate faster are discussed to help you save time during exam

Expert Led Learning

  • Linear Equations 1
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Quadratic Expressions
  • Linear and Quadratic Equations
  • Polynomials
  • Inequalities
  • AP and GP Series
  • Sequence and Series
  • Maxima and Minima
  • Logarithms
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Functions
  • Functions and Graphs
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Advanced Assignment Discussion and Practice
  • Test Discussion and Strategy
  • Percentage-1
  • SI-CI
  • SI-CI and Installments
  • Profit Loss and Discount
  • Ratios
  • Ratios and Proportion
  • Partnership, Stocks and Shares
  • Averages
  • Assignment Discussion and Practice
  • Alligation
  • Mixtures and Solution
  • Time and Work -1 : Work and efficiency
  • Time and Work -2 : Negative work
  • Time and Work -3 : Pipes n Cisterns & Combined Work
  • Time, Speed and Distance-1 : Concept of Proportionality
  • Time, Speed and Distance-2 : Relative Speed & Avg Speed
  • Time, Speed and Distance-3 : Circular Motion and Clocks
  • Time, Speed and Distance-4 : Races, Boats n Stream
  • Time, Speed and Distance-5 : Esclators and Swimming Pool
  • Assignment Discussion and Practice
  • Test Discussion and Strategy
  • Basics : Lines , Angles and Triangles
  • Types of Triangles
  • Types of centers & Congruency
  • Similar Triangles & Properties of Triangles
  • Theorems on Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Polygons, Triangles and others
  • Circles : Theorems
  • Circles : 2 or More Circles
  • Circles : Tangents to Circles & Semicircles
  • Mensuration 2-D
  • Mensuration 3-D
  • Advanced Assignment Discussion and Practice
  • Test Discussion and Strategy
  • Basics of Set Theory & Set Theory With 2 or 3 Sets
  • Set Theory 4 sets and Pass/ Fail Questions
  • Trignometry Basics
  • Heights & Distances and Quadrants
  • Trignometry Advanced
  • Permutaions-1 : Basics
  • Permutaions-2 : Arranging Numbers & Circular Permu
  • Permutaions-3 : Misc Questions
  • Combinations-1 : Basics and Chess board
  • Combinations-2 : Misc Questions
  • Permutations and Combination-1 : Grouping & Distribution
  • Permutations and Combination-2 : Selections and Dearrangements
  • Advanced Assignment Discussion and Practice
  • Test Discussion and Strategy
  • Classification of Numbers
  • Prime Numbers & P/Q Form
  • Divisibility Rules & Multiples
  • Cyclicity
  • Factorial
  • Factors
  • More on Factors
  • HCF, LCM & Applications
  • Remainders
  • More on Reminaders
  • Base System
  • Calenders & Digit Counting
  • Surds & Indices
  • Practice Session & Assignment Discussion
  • Test Discussion & Strategy

Program Details

About the Mentor

Praveen Tyagi

With over 25 years of experience as an educator, Praveen has been actively involved in helping students realize their MBA dreams for the last 18 years. He has also authored several books on calculations and GD-PI.

His ability to connect with students makes his classes interesting and full of knowledge, making the transition from basic to advanced level as seamless as it can get.

What students say about Praveen Tyagi

Shubham Sethi
Shubham Sethi

Qualification: B.Tech.

Designation: Solution Engineer at Kyndryl Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"ENERGETIC, Knowledgeable, True Mentor"

I have had the chance to learn under the guidance of Praveen Sir for a few months now and I have no hesitation in saying that he is the best teacher I have ever had. He is very well versed in the subjects he teaches. Given his vast experience, he is able to understand the ability of the students and quickly adapt accordingly. He is always full of energy and so his classes are not only informative but also fun to attend. Along with the concepts, he also shares useful shortcuts along with applications of questions, which adds even more value to the classes. He is not just a teacher but a mentor, who is always available for guidance and support for his students and I’m really grateful for that.

Lokesh Rajpurohit
Lokesh Rajpurohit

BTech mechanical engineer.

Currently in TCS as a assistant system engineer.

"Self discipline , Persistence and Perseverance "

I have been student of Parveen sir from a year, and each time from day one to today, I always get feeling of self discipline , persistence and perseverance. In every class that I was able to attend of sir's, I aways found him with same energy and same enthusiasm , of transferring as much knowledge as he can and at the same time making sure that every person, no matter whats his level of understanding is able to understand whats been taught. Its been a great pleasure to know a teacher like Praveen sir , whom I can proudly say is my guru.


B.F.Tech from NIFT

work at Orient Craft as a Merchandiser.

"Praveen Sir is the most student friendly Teacher"

When I first attended Praveen Sir's class, I thought his teaching style would be similar to what I have had attended earlier but all my myths were broken in the first class. Praveen Sir has a different style of teaching, he make classes very interesting and keeps on repeating the concept till each and every student has clearly got it. He connects very well with his students and also has a lot of stories, which he keeps sharing whenever he feels that the students are stressed. He is a good motivator too and encourages all of his students to do better. He also is available for every student whoever needs any kind of help, students only need to reach out to him and he is there for help. I hope he continues to keep motivating and blessing us as always.

Ishan Singh
Ishan Singh 2nd year, Mahatma Gandhi kashi vidyapeeth

"Millions of problems one solution : Praveen Tyagi Sir"

As, I could say in every students life there are bunch of problems like demotivation , loose in self hope , How will I do it etc , I was also among them but I think I was a lucky one because I was blessed with a mentor like Praveen Tyagi sir. I was an average student , as I joined with an online platform where their was only one way communication but sir noticed my problems and connected me personally and helped me to overcome the issues. In his class I never felt behind or lost even the most difficult topics were like a cakewalk for me it was due to his teaching techniques and style. and I can know confidently say that due to his efforts and my hard work I will crack CAT Thank You sir for everything. -By A CAT aspirant

Anurag Chauhan
Anurag Chauhan

B.E. III Yr. From ABES Engineering College

"Unique content with a Unique teaching style"

If you want to know about Praveen Tyagi sir, then let me tell you he is the best teacher I have met up til now. From teaching skills to doubt clearing he never disappointed me. His concepts are always unique and easy to understand. The best part about him is, first he explains to you the solution of the question with a very basic method then he explains to you the same question with a shortcut, through which you can even solve the questions without using yourpen. This method has helped me in mastering many topics in algebra and geometry, the topics of which students are afraid. One more thing let me tell you guys about him, the content "he has" you will not found it with any other educator. He has very unique content with a unique teaching style. Thank you

Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh

Student at Calcutta University , BCOM honours

"Praveen sir is a passionate & excellent teacher "

Words can't describe the hard work & dedication that Praveen sir has throughout his work period. He had been really helpful for CAT Exams. He help in getting familiarized with essential questions that would be asked in the examination and contributed to developing the ability to solve questions in shorter time span which are really important for time management during the exam. He knows how to gauge his students and identify their potential to great extent and accordingly adapts to the Childs learning styles as well as making even the more boring concept interesting. He is always full of energy readiness to teach the students & never seizes to amaze them with his knowledge & skill.