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CAT Online Coaching v/s CAT Offline Coaching

We often come across this dilemma of whether to join CAT online coaching or CAT offline coaching?

Well, this is highly subjective. If you're working and don't have much time to spare in traveling then CAT online coaching is for you. However, if you are a follower of the classic pedagogy then CAT offline coaching is for you.

Since we, at Career Launcher are determined to help you with each and every step of your preparation, we have listed a few points to help you decide. But before that, A glimpse of what we provide at Career Launcher.

CAT Coaching with the assistance of Data Analytics

We have spent days, months and years to find the patterns in the CAT exam. We bring for you deep analysis of topics and insights that will help you ace the exam.

Advantages of CAT online coaching-

  • Don't feel like traveling long distances after hectic work or college timings?
  • Then this one is definitely for you. Here let's list out the advantages of online coaching-
  • Classes right at the comfort of your home.
  • Safe the travelling time to do something more productive.
  • More time for self study and flexibility to watch the classes at your own comfortable time.
  • Won't miss out on doubt clearance as there will be separate sessions for the same.
  • Same teachers, same experience but less hustle.

Advantages of CAT offline coaching-

  • More fond of the classic style of pedagogy?
  • Studying right under the shadow of the Gurus has its own advantage. Let's have a look-
  • On the spot doubt clearance.
  • An interactive environment both with teachers and students.
  • Competitive environment among you and your friends.
  • When you have the teacher standing right in front of you, you seem to be more attentive (Just a psychological factor).
  • Regular classes at a specific time makes you more disciplined.

To wrap up, success isn't defined by the mode of learning you choose to embrace. Clearly both CAT online coaching and CAT offline coaching have their own advantages and disadvantages. The important thing here is that students must analyse what is the most ideal option for them. With either mode of coaching, there will be no grand finish without hard work and sincere dedication.