How to prepare for CAT, if you are a retaker?

"Don't let history repeat itself. Turn the page today!"

It’s okay if your previous attempt at CAT did not go as planned. Writing CAT again should not be a demotivating factor rather it should inspire you to do better. It’s time to put the experience to use and start afresh. The CAT preparation strategy of a CAT repeater varies from that of a fresher. Therefore, it is vital for you to follow the right methodology. The CAT Repeater Study Plan will direct your preparation in the right direction.

Start by thoroughly analyzing your previous attempt. It will help you identify the gaps in your preparation before, whether it was speed or accuracy or was it due to a shaky understanding of the basic concepts. With this take away you can suitably modify your preparation strategy.

The most commonly cited gap is lack of understanding of the basic concepts. The only way to remedy it this time around is by going back to the basics. Practice umpteen amount of questions from the concepts you have covered and set a revision day. On the revision day in the week, make it a point to revise everything that you have studied so far. Follow this religiously to solidify your understanding of the basic concepts.

Another key point is to not repeat the mistakes of last year. The simplest way to overcome this is by avoiding selective learning - don’t just focus on your weaker sections but give sufficient time to each section. Ensuring a maximum score in your strength section is as important as doing well in your weaker sections.

Take Mock Tests

Taking mock tests has to be a part of your preparation from the start. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to take a mock. It is essential that you take mocks alongside your preparation. Doing so simultaneously will aid your preparation in many ways, you will be able to test what you have studied, monitor your performance, and work towards improvement.

Try different ways to approach the paper with each mock attempt, eventually you will find the approach that best suits you. Step by step you will be able to develop a well-tested exam day strategy. The right strategy will significantly improve your score.

Make it a point to analyse every mock. Through this practice you will be able to determine your areas of strength, the areas that may need improvement, if you are spending time on the right questions, and if your strategy requires tweaking.

With these pointers and the CAT Repeaters Study Plan, you can prepare effectively for CAT. For additional support, become a part of the CAT Night Classroom and learn through live engaging and interactive sessions on CAT syllabus. The program has been especially designed to cater to the needs of all CAT aspirants. One out of every four Night Class student receives a call from an IIM. Get started today.

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Study plan for CAT repeater