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Calls from IIM Ahmedabad

Calls from IIM Ahmedabad

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Calls from IIM Bangalore

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Calls from IIM Calcutta

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Calls from XLRI Jamshedpur

Who is it for?

Our CAT Coaching Classes are the best coaching for CAT for those who seek guidance from experts and interactions with peers to ace MBA entrance exams, like CAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, MH-CET, etc.

How does it help?

Our CAT Coaching Classes are, probably, the Best Coaching for CAT, as it includes rigorous practice modules and analysis of each mock/test, along with intensive workshops and sessions to help you get your desired score in MBA entrance exams.

Why choose CL's CAT Coaching Classes?

Most trusted results

25,764 IIM Calls in CAT 2017, 474 calls in IIM-A, 335 calls in IIM-B, 454 calls in IIM-C: in PGP batch 2018-2020. All of this is the testimony of us being the best coaching for CAT for you.

Get taught by the best faculty team

At CL, every faculty member goes through a rigorous training program. The classroom delivery is standardized at all our centers across the country. Our faculty team explains, encourages, inspires - always!

Personalized mentoring. Performance focus

We focus on guiding you to your dream B-school. The one-to-one mentoring sessions are designed to analyze your performance; and help you develop a plan going forward.

Powered by the best-rated CAT Test Series

Apart from being the Best Coaching for CAT for you, CAT aspirants rate our Test Series as the closest to the actual exam. Be at your best with tools like Drill-Down Analysis, Time-Wasted Analysis, LIVE Mock attempts by CL faculty members, and the industry's only Artificial Intelligence-based CAT %ile predictor.

Comprehensive program. Designed to help you perform.

Our classroom program includes the best-rated CAT Test Series, sectional and topic tests, Artificial Intelligence-based CAT percentile predictor, PI and GD practice, one-on-one mentoring, exhaustive study material, and additional sessions and workshops.

Be part of the CL Legacy

Founded by a team of IIT-IIM alumni, over the past 25 years the CL community has been enabling lakhs of students towards realizing their dream of getting into premier institutions. It is you who make us the best coaching for CAT.

4 Reasons CL MBA is probably the Best Coaching for CAT for you

While it is easy to claim that we are the Best Coaching for CAT, backing it up with reasons is what gives credibility to these claims. The following video talks about a few reasons why CL MBA is the Best Coaching for CAT for you.

What you get as part of, arguably, the Best Coaching for CAT?

Exhaustive classroom sessions

Learn from the prime CL faculty and give a solid foundation to your preparation. Iron out any areas of weakness with exhaustive classroom sessions, paving way to your dream B- School.

Expert sessions streamed live

Bringing to you Mock CAT analysis, Test Taking strategy, B-school counseling, live mock attempts at your doorstep through live sessions

Smart CAT Cracker with 275+ video sessions

SCC delivers over 275+ video lessons and solutions to 1600 topic wise questions at your finger tips captured over CL's 25 years of legacy by super gurus of aptitude training

One-on-one personal mentoring

Receive personalized guidance, every step of the way, from the finest CL Faculty. Re-define your learning experience of a traditional classroom and tap into the right pathway.

CAT Test Series + Test Gym

Take CAT 30 times before the actual CAT Exam and practise over 5000+ questions that will help you get CAT ready. Each mock is curated as per the difficulty level of the CAT paper in recent years.

PI-WAT-GD Sessions

Go through the entire rigmarole of the stage two of the B-school selection procedure, right from mock interviews to group exercises, group discussions, case studies, WAT practice, etc

CAT'18 Achievers Speak

They kept me motivated throughout even when I thought I couldn't do it. - Simran

The classroom program was absolutely phenomenal. - Happy

The whole preparation I undertook was with CL, in my journey to a good B-School. - Harshita

CL was not just limited to teaching it was a motivating factor for me to do an MBA - Pratyush

It has been a very satisfying journey. - Shilpa

Career Launcher was an obvious choice for me. - Diksha

What our students say

What our students say on Quora

Social Media has a huge influence today because of the reach it has to spread all opinions. In this context, the positive comments from our students on Quora is extremely heartening. Please check out some of the answers given by CL Students about CL.

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    Why join CAT Coaching?

    CAT is one of the most important milestones (if not the most important) for every serious MBA aspirant. There are several success stories of people who have cleared CAT without any CAT Coaching. This influences several aspirants to think about tackling the CAT Exam without CAT Coaching (especially if someone close to them has done the same). However what these aspirants overlook is that these stories are the exception rather than the rule. There are several benefits of signing up for the Best Coaching for CAT which are enumerated below:

    These are some of the benefits that make Career Launcher one of the Best Coaching for CAT and a must for most candidates. While there may be exceptions to the rule, the majority of the candidates require the guidance that arguably the Best Coaching for CAT can provide.

    Why CL's Coaching is the best coaching for CAT for you

    Every aspirant appearing for CAT wishes to join their dream B-School. They know that the challenges that they will face are immense and that they will need the help of the best coaching for CAT to reach there. Once they realize this fundamental fact, the choice becomes clear- Join CAT coaching classes so that they are not left behind.

    The realization of the competition that they face may intimidate several aspirants and that is where the importance of having the best support comes into play. This is the exact reason that aspirants scour the net and their network for the best coaching for CAT that they can find.

    There are several reasons that Career Launcher's Coaching Program is probably the Best Coaching for CAT program in India.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When should I start preparing for MBA entrance exams?

    The sooner you begin, the better it is for you. Ideally, 10-12 months is a good enough preparation period for CAT and other MBA entrance exams.

    Will I get practice questions after each session?

    Our students are provided with class-worksheets, which comprise questions to be solved in the class and those to be solved at home. Every student is expected to solve the entire worksheet before the next session.

    Will I get practice mocks?

    Yes. Every student who enrolls for our CAT Coaching Classes gets 30+ CAT mocks—both proctored (taken at the center) and unproctored (taken at home), alongside 8500+ questions across three levels of difficulty.

    Would I be given extra classes whenever needed?

    Yes. You can take extra classes by requesting the faculty member you seek help from. Students can also stay back after their classes; and discuss with different faculty members, as and when they require help. They can also mail their queries to


    How to Choose the Best Coaching for CAT?

    Let us talk about how you, as an aspirant should choose your CAT coaching class. For this exercise, we need to determine, the most important factors that decide which CAT coaching would be the Best Coaching for CAT for you.

    As you can see, the majority of the requirements for most aspirants' match with the service we provide. This is by design rather than by luck as we strive to provide the best services to the aspirants which has led to our becoming, arguably, the Best Coaching for CAT in the country and certainly for the huge number of CLites who have studied and prospered with us.

    About CAT Classroom Programs

    Since 1995, Career Launcher's coaching programs for CAT and other MBA entrance exams have been successfully preparing aspirants to get into their dream B-schools. The fantastic results, year-on-year, have led to our coaching programs and training modules being rated among the best coaching for CAT in the industry.

    Our CAT coaching programs not only prepare you for CAT, but also for other MBA entrance exams, such as XAT, IIFT, TISSNET, SNAP, etc. This makes us the best coaching for CAT. Besides strengthening your problem-solving skills and logical ability, these MBA coaching programs also help you showcase your personality during placements, interviews, and GD-PIs. In addition to personalized mentoring from our faculty members, who encourage, explain, and inspire - always, our MBA coaching program includes the most comprehensive books and study materials in the CAT coaching industry. Another reason which makes us the best coaching for CAT for you.

    The pedagogy of our CAT coaching classes focuses on conceptual clarity; hence, strengthening your core knowledge, and most importantly, your aptitude. Moreover, our CAT coaching classes are the best option for B-school aspirants during the subsequent stages of the admission process (Group Discussions, Written Ability Tests, and Personal Interviews).

    At Career Launcher, we offer an array of CAT coaching classes to suit the requirement of every category of MBA aspirants. Be it our CAT classroom coaching, or online learning programs, each one is a complete, intensive, and comprehensive package. Choose the best coaching for CAT for you.

    Not sure how to start?

    No worries. We're here to help you at every stage of your
    MBA entrance preparation.

    Need any help, call us at 8882-120-120