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Data Science Colleges in India

With the propagation of data science and business analytics across the world, it is no wonder that the colleges and higher education institutes are joining in to educate the future generations about a topic which is sure to be of great importance to them. The Data Science Colleges in India can vary from undergraduate institutes to Master’s programs and Business Schools. This article has been written in order to inform the aspirants about the different options in terms data science colleges in India.

Data Science Colleges in India: Undergraduate Program

In the undergraduate programs for data science, the colleges tend to focus on the technical aspects of the topics such that the students can be employed as a data science engineer. As a data science engineer, it is the technical aspects of cleaning the data, organizing it and data visualization that will take center stage. Some of the top data science colleges in India which offer the program at the undergraduate level are:

  • IIT Hyderabad
  • NIIT University
  • PEC University of Technology

One of the criteria that most colleges have while selecting candidates for this course is that they should have a background in physics, chemistry and maths.

In terms of career prospects, the data science colleges in India allow the candidate to get into some of the most coveted roles in various companies. Some of the best companies in India hire from these courses because of the demand for these skillsets. The only qualifier in this circumstance is that the candidate should have made up their mind about their own career path.

Data Science Colleges in India: Post-Graduate Level

While the undergraduate courses are targeted for their technical prowess, the data science colleges in India at the Post-Graduate level are considered happy hunting ground for companies looking for professionals in the analytics domain who are also knowledgeable of the business side. There are quite a few colleges which have started their own data science courses. Some of the top data science colleges in India in the post-graduate level are:

  • IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata – The PGDBA Course is a relatively new program where the students will be trained in data analytics from different perspectives. Over the course of the 2 year program, the students will get a technical, statistical and business perspective of data analytics which is something of great demand in the industry.
  • SP Jain – SP Jain has launched a couple of programs in the data science/data analytics domain. One of the programs is called Big Data and Visual Analytics which is a 8 month long program where the students will be taught all the technical skills required in order to take data-driven decisions in their professions.
  • ISB – ISB has a program called the Advanced Management Program in Business Analytics which is targeted towards working professionals. It is a year-long program which is conducted in a combination of online and offline modes. Every alternate month, the candidates are expected to attend a 5 day long stint of classroom sessions where the schedule will be jam packed from morning to evening. The online mode consists of entire classes which will be conducted in the interim period.
  • Great Lakes – The Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Engineering is one of the oldest data science programs in India. It is a 5 month long classroom program designed for freshers and working professionals with less experience. It covers all the relevant data science techniques, tools as well as applications based on industry case studies.  

There are several more data science colleges in India but these are the ones which have rapidly gained repute and seem to be trusted by the students. These colleges offer Post-graduate degrees along with specializations which can be related to functions. The biggest advantage of having a degree in data science is that it gives the students several opportunities in terms of the industry that they wish to join. This is because data analytics and data science is a function rather than an industry-specific skill.


The boom of machine learning, data science and data analytics has led to an increase in the number of data science colleges in India. This was a direct consequence of the increased industrial demand for well-trained data scientists and data engineers.