Before taking the test, please read the following instructions carefully

1. Total duration of this test is 15 minutes.

2. A countdown timer at the top right corner of your screen will display the time remaining for you to complete the test. When the clock runs out, the test gets submitted by default - you are not required to end or submit your exam.

3. This paper contains 6 questions. There are two kinds of questions in the test, MCQ and non-MCQ. For non-MCQ type questions you will need to type the answer using the virtual number-board provided.

4. There is only one correct answer to each question.

5. You will be awarded three marks for each correct answer.

6. For the MCQ type questions each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark. There will be no negative marking for the non-MCQ type question.

7. The question palette at the left of the screen shows one of the following statuses of each of the questions numbered:

Not Attempted
To be Reviewed
Not Viewed yet

If an answer is selected for a question that is Marked for Review, the answer will be considered in the final evaluation.

Navigating to a question

8. To select a question to answer, you can do one of the following:

  • Click on the question number on the question palette at the right of your screen to go to that numbered question directly. Note that using this option does NOT save your answer to the current question.
  • Click on Save and Next to save answer to current question and to go to the next question in sequence.
  • Click on Mark for Review and Next to save answer to current question, mark it for review, and to go to the next question in sequence.

9. You can view the entire paper by clicking on the Question Paper button.

Answering questions

10. For multiple choice type question:

  • To select your answer, click on one of the option buttons
  • To change your answer, click the another desired option button
  • To save your answer, you MUST click on Next
  • To deselect a chosen answer, click on the chosen option again or click on the Unmark button.
  • To mark a question for review click on Mark for Review.

11. To change an answer to a question, first select the question and then click on the new answer option followed by a click on the Next button.

12. Questions that are saved or marked for review after answering will ONLY be considered for evaluation.