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How to prepare for CAT 2019 in 1 Month

As the last month before the CAT 2019 Exam looms, the question on the minds of most aspirants is, ‘How to prepare for CAT 2019 in 1 month?’ This is a rather difficult question to answer as it varies from person to person. And yet, there are some basic things that every aspirant should follow in order to maximize the time that they have before the CAT 2019 Exam.

Action Plan for CAT Preparation in 1 Month

With just over a month to go in CAT 2019, it is important to be extremely clear about how to prepare for CAT 2019 in this 1 month. Keeping this in mind, we are going to talk about a few things that you need to pursue over the course of your CAT Preparation.

  • Identify the most important topics – With the CAT 2019 Exam just over a month away, you need to prioritize the topics which you will be focused on. One of the better ways of doing this is by identifying the most important topics (in terms of weightage) in the CAT Exam. This can be done fairly easily by going through the analysis of the previous years’ CAT paper which can be found on this page.
  • Plan your Schedule – The limited time between today and the CAT 2019 Exam means that the need to establish a sound schedule for how to prepare for CAT 2019 in 1 month. This plan needs to cover all the major areas and requires the candidates to have a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this fact, the candidates can decide their own schedule.
  • Segregation of time – Over the period of 1 month, the time to be spent on each section has to be carefully sub-divided so that each section receives adequate attention. After all, each section in the CAT 2019 Exam also has its own sectional cut offs which means that focusing on a couple of sections to maximize the score is not possible. While planning the schedule, the candidate needs to ensure that they assign adequate time to each section and maximize their score at the same time.
  • Mocks & Mock Analysis – It is extremely important for the candidate’s CAT 2019 Preparation that they give as many mocks as possible in this 1 month period. At this stage of time, the candidate should be prepared to give a mock every second day if not every day. This will ensure that they have the maximum amount of practice and exposure when they actually sit for the CAT 2019 Exam. It is equally important to analyze the mocks given so that the candidate can keep track of their progress and identify the areas where some additional efforts might be required.
  • Relax – While this may seem contradictory to the previous point about giving as many mocks as possible, it really is not. With good discipline and time management, there is definitely an hour or two which can be squeezed out in order to pursue your hobbies and relax the proper way. While this may prove to be slightly more difficult for candidates who are working than for candidates who are in college, it can still be done.

While following these things alone will not be sufficient to crack CAT 2019, they give a decent foundation on how to prepare for CAT 2019 in 1 month. Let us also look at some of practices and mindsets that can deter the candidate from effectively pursuing the practice of how to prepare for CAT 2019 in 1 month.

Things that can deter your CAT 2019 Preparation

There are some things that one needs to guard against during their CAT 2019 Preparation in the last month. Some of the major deterrents are:

  • Do not overreact to Mocks: There will be some mocks where one will perform extremely well and some where they will perform quite badly. It is important not get carried away due to the good results and equally important to not get bogged down by the bad results. The Mock results are simply meant to be the milestones in the path to the CAT 2019 Exam and should be analyzed but not affect you emotionally.
  • Do not burn yourself out: Several candidates are so zealous in their CAT 2019 Preparation at this time that they tend to burn themselves out as they approach the actual CAT 2019 Exam. Therefore it is necessary for the candidate to pace themselves well over the last month so that they can give the CAT 2019 exam in a good state of mind.
  • Do not deviate from your CAT 2019 Preparation plan: It is necessary for the candidate to stick to their CAT 2019 Preparation plan so that they can actually cover everything important over the course of the next month. This is how to prepare for CAT 2019 in 1 month as the time frame makes it nearly impossible to adjust the CAT 2019 Preparation plan during this period.

There can be other pitfalls that one might face during their journey towards the CAT 2019 Exam but these must, in particular, be avoided so that the CAT 2019 Preparation over the last month goes smoothly.

Final thoughts on how to prepare for prepare for CAT in 1 month

Preparing for CAT is a tough task at the best of times simply due to the level of competition that one needs to contend. The additional challenge of a short time frame of 1 month makes it even more difficult for the candidate. The pointers mentioned in this article can make it slightly easier for the candidate to prepare in the last month.