IIFT 2020 Analysis

With IIFT 2020 going online for the first time, the exam, as expected, became easy. In fact, it was easier than the IIFT paper of the last two years. Overall, the VARC section was easy and the RCs were not as lengthy as it used to be in the paper-based format of the exam.

In LRDI, there was a good contrast as the DI questions were easy while the LR sets were difficult. QA, as always, was a lengthy section and an attempt of 10-12 questions in this section would have been a good attempt.

Section Name No. of Questions Marks/Q Max marks Cut-offs (for General)
Section 1 Reading Comprehension & Verbal Ability 35 3 105 34
Section 2 Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation 30 3 90 22
Section 3 Quantitative Analysis 25 3 75 15
Section 4 General Awareness 20 1.5 30 5
Total 110 300 138

Quantitative Aptitude

The Quantitative Aptitude section of IIFT 2020 was lengthy as always and your performance in this section depended on how much time you decide to spend on this section. If you gave yourself about 25 minutes for this section then around 10 questions with an 80% accuracy was possible, and if 35 minutes were spent on QA then around 12-13 questions with a similar accuracy were possible.

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Arithmetic 13 Moderate
Algebra 2 Easy
Number System 1 Easy
Geometry 6 Moderate - Difficult
Modern Math 3 Moderate - Difficult
Total  25  

Good Attempt - 10 - 12 questions

Cutoff ~ 9 - 10 marks

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 

The Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension section was an easy section this year. The 35 questions in this section comprised 16 questions on RCs and the remaining 19 questions from the various topics of Verbal Ability. 

A good way to attempt the paper would have been to attempt all the 16 questions on RCs. All of these questions should have been solved as they were easy, just like IIFT RC questions usually are. Most of these questions were factual in nature. When it comes to Verbal Ability, around 8 - 10 questions could have been solved easily without many challenges.

The 2 - 3 questions on Grammar were easy to the extent of being sitters. The 2 Fill in the blanks questions and the questions on ParaJumbles were also easy.

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
RC 16 Easy
Analogy 4 Moderate
Para Jumbles 3 Easy - Moderate
Grammar 3 Easy
Vocabulary 4 Moderate - Difficult
Idioms 3 Moderate - Difficult
FIB 2 Easy
Total 35  

Good Attempts - 25+ questions

Cutoff ~ 30 marks

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

This section in IIFT 2020 was moderate to difficult in terms of the level of difficulty. This section represented a dichotomous nature. While the Data Interpretation questions were extremely easy, the Logical Reasoning questions were extremely difficult.

In Data Interpretation, out of the 4 sets, 3 were easily doable. In Logical Reasoning, the sets on circular arrangement and mirror were slightly tricky and were better left alone. The set on set theory and the missing number were of easy-moderate level of difficulty. The input-output type questions also seemed to be easy. 

If the section has to be seen in terms of the number of attempts then from Logical Reasoning around 4-5 questions and in Data Interpretation around 8 - 9 questions were extremely good attempts. 

This means an overall attempt of about 12 - 14 questions would have been a good attempt.

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Bar Graph & Line Graph 7 Easy
Table (Products & Customers) 2 Easy
2 Pie Charts + 1 Table 4  
Table (Shirt & Color)  4 Easy
Blood Relation & Data Arrangement 4 Moderate - Difficult
Linear Arrangement 3 Easy
Set Theory 2 Easy
Lift & Timing based 2 Easy
Machine Input-Output 2 Difficult
Missing Number 1 Easy
Total 30  

Good Attempts - 12 - 14 questions

Cutoff ~ 12-14 marks

General Knowledge

The General Knowledge section in IIFT 2020 was as usual. One could have attempted 8 - 10 questions in General Knowledge overall. There were more number of questions from Static GK than there were from Current Affairs.

Topic Number of Questions Level of Difficulty
Static 15 Moderate - Difficult
Current 5 Easy - Moderate
Total 20 Difficult

Good Attempts - 8 - 10 questions

Cutoff ~ 3.5 - 4.5 marks

Overall As of now, it seems that a score of 105-108 would be the cutoff score for IIFT 2020. As we gathered more data on your attempts, our AI-driven prediction engines will be able to give you a more accurate cutoff. 

Watch out this space for the detailed analysis of the IIFT 2020 paper which will include the section-wise types of question break up.