IIM Shortlist 2020-22 & Results Declared

Updated On: January 15, 2020

With the CAT 2019 Results declared on Saturday 4th January, the interest amongst students to stay updated on the shortlist is extremely high. The IIM Shortlists and results are generally declared on their official website. The release of the IIM Shortlist and result represents the start of the next phase of the journey towards the IIMs.

IIM Shortlists Released as of Now

The IIM Shortlists usually get released thick and fast after the CAT 2019 Result. This has been the case for CAT 2019 as well. As of 7th January, the IIM Lucknow and IIM Ahmedabad shortlist have been released. In order to keep yourself updated on the latest shortlists released, please pay attention to the table given below:

Sr. No.

List of IIMs

Shortlist Status


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A)


To Check your status, click on the following link.


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C)


To check your status, please click on the following link.


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B)

Check your status from the following link to check if you have been shortlisted


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-L)


Check your score against the cut off on the following link to check if you are shortlisted.


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-K)

Registration to be applicable for shortlisting is active till10th January. Click on the following link to register for the 2nd stage.


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-I)


To check your status, please click on the following link.


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-S)

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-R) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-U) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-T) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Rai) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Ro) 


Mail sent for registration to shortlisted candidates


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Ka) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-N) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-V) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-AM) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-BG) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-SR) 

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-SB)

Not Released


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-J) 

Not Released

As you can see, most of the IIM shortlists are yet to be released. However it will not be too long before all the shortlists start flowing in. Considering this, the candidates should be aware of the process & timeline that will be followed in the time ahead:

  • Following the release of the CAT 2019 Score card, the next step is the release of the IIM shortlists.
  • The IIM Results/Shortlist will be followed by a registration form that shortlisted candidates are required to fill. This form may include certain questions which can be followed up in the interview rounds.
  • The Personal Interview and other such rounds are conducted across India in different cities. The other rounds mentioned above can be the group discussion (GD) and Written Assessment Test (WAT). Most IIMS stick to only the Written Assessment test (WAT) and have done away with the Group discussion round.
  • Release of the selected candidates and subsequent waitlists.

IIM Admission Criteria and how it affects the IIM Shortlists and Results

Each IIM has its own admission criteria which they use to determine the initial shortlisting of the candidates for that particular IIM. In general, the IIM Admission Criteria contains a few common elements:

  • 10th Standard Aggregate Percentage/CGPA
  • 12th Standard Aggregate Percentage/CGPA
  • Graduation Aggregate Percentage/CGPA
  • Work Experience
  • CAT 2019 Score/Result
  • Diversity (Gender & Academic diversity)

These are generally the most common elements in the IIM Admission criteria and help determine whether the candidate will be shortlisted by the IIM or not. All the above elements are generally taken in combination with the weights given to each component.
Similarly, there is a final selection criteria in each IIM where the candidate’s GD-PI-WAT Score is counted along with the other components mentioned above. In general, the GD-PI-WAT Score along with the CAT Score and the Academic profile carry the maximum weight.

Common Admission Process (CAP) for new IIMs

The newer IIMs which includes IIM Udaipur, IIM Trichy, IIM Nagpur, IIM Jammu, IIM Ranchi, IIM Raipur, IIM Kashipur, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Sirmaur, IIM Amritsar and IIM Visakapatnam. This is the process in which the aforementioned new IIMs band together in order to conduct their PI-WAT rounds. This year, IIM Rohtak decided to drop out of the CAP process and has decided to conduct their process alone. CAP 2020 is going to be conducted by IIM Ranchi (for all General Management programs). IIM Ranchi will be holding its own process for their HRM program.

The shortlist for the CAP round will be released in mid-January. Following this, the interview processes will be held in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. The scores for the interview round and WAT round will be shared with each institute participating in the CAP round. Following this, each college will apply their own selection criterion to decide on the group of students that they wish to extend the admission offer to.

What to do after IIM Shortlist

As mentioned above, the steps following the IIM Shortlist and Result is generally the Group Discussion (GD), Personal Interview (PI) and Written Assessment Test (WAT). It is extremely important for the candidates to prepare well for this particular step as it is final barrier between them and their dream B-School.

Some general tips to prepare for the GD-PI-WAT are given below:

  • Practice for the WAT by writing small essays on various potential topics. At first, you can write these essays without a time limit but you should gradually move to the timed essays.
  • In order to prepare for the group discussion, the initial preparation has to do with information gathering. Following this, you should start discussing some topics with your friends although it is not the ideal substitute for a mock GD.
  • The Personal Interview is generally considered to be the most important part of the B-School selection process. In order to prepare for the personal interview, the first thing that every candidate needs to is build a resume and ensure that you imbibe it to the maximum extent. The resume can be the document around which your entire interview can revolve.
  • No matter how confident you in your ability to crack the interview rounds, it is imperative that you take guidance from an expert. If you are interested, you can have a look at Career Launcher’s PDP program where you will be guided through the different selection processes to maximize your chances to convert your calls.

These are some of the general tips to prepare for the GD-PI-WAT rounds which hold the veto power in your selection to a B-School. If you wish to read more about what you need to do after CAT, you can go to the following page.

GD-PI-WAT Preparation

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