Why Classroom programs are the easiest way to crack CAT?

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) is a post graduate degree that caters to studentscoming from various undergraduate courses. An MBA is a very effective way of landing up with a preferred role and obtaining a strong foothold in the industry. Enterprises seek the right MBA professionals for effective management of their business. This professional degree first originated in the United States and went on to branch out into various custom-fit programs like full-time, part-time, Executive as well as Distance Learning to suit the specific needs of Professionals and students alike. Choosing the right MBA program makes a lot of difference to your career path as well as to your long-term and short-term goals. Admissions for almost all of these programs at most of the B-schools happen through the CAT exam and hence focusing on this one particular exam is a must. ISB Hyderabad requires you to take the GMAT exam. Going for a classroom program at CL prepares you well for exams like CAT and XAT based on which you can land up in any of the IIMs, XLRI or any other top B-school of the country.

An MBA is a full-day, full-time comprehensive course giving no room for taking up a job simultaneously. Candidates with very little or no exposure to work may find that an MBA mostly suits their needs since it establishes a solid ground for taking up mid-management or top-management roles in big corporates. A Regular MBA includes lessons on basics of business along with which you can choose to specialize in a particular area of interest like Finance, Marketing or Entrepreneurship.

Executive MBA or EMBA on the other hand is a one-year full time residential program where the candidate's profile must consist of good work experience, i.e. of at least 2 - 2.5 years of work experience in case of most of the B-schools. It is most suited for people who prefer not to delay starting a career waiting for a full-time MBA program. Experienced professionals who want to first build a solid career may find that the EMBA program is much more rewarding. An EMBA aims at upgrading a set of well-established business skills. An Executive MBA degree is offered by many B-schools today all over the world. Classes are fast-paced with fewer electives to choose from but they cover the same syllabus as that of the two year counterparts.

It is important to sit down and weigh the pros and cons of both types of programs before you take the plunge. Prospective MBA candidates must decide if it's better to wait for a few years, gain experience and then opt for an EMBA.

The benefit of a classroom program can be understood from the fact that how a few of the brightest, aspiring minds of the country come together in a classroom to purse their MBA dream. A lot of good things can happen to your MBA preparation just by feeding on their enthusiasm and determination. With the flexibility of having classes either on the weekdays or over the weekends makes the CL's classroom program a right choice for any MBA aspirant.