NMAT Exam Pattern 2024

Overview, Exam Pattern, Section-Wise Topics, Difficulty Level, Features

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The NMAT exam by GMAC is a computer-adaptive test (CAT) used for admission to management programs in India. Understanding the NMAT Exam Pattern is important for success in this competitive exam, as it helps in preparing effectively.

In the past few years, there have been significant changes observed in the NMAT exam format. This exam consists of three main sections: Language Skills, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Skills, with each containing 36 MCQs and a total of 108 questions across all sections. Candidates are given a time limit of 2 hours to complete the exam, with a sectional time limit for each section as well.

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NMAT Exam Pattern: An Overview

It’s very important to have a clear idea of what the exam looks like before actually planning to take it in order to have a better understanding of the paper which in turn leads to more effective preparation.

Here’s a brief overview of the NMAT Exam Pattern which consists of three sections:


No. of Questions

Time Limit

Score Range

Language Skills


28 Minutes


Quantitative Skills


52 Minutes


Logical Reasoning


40 Minutes






Each section carries equal weightage, and there is no negative marking. This means that every question you attempt correctly will add to your score.

To calculate the final score, the NMAT by GMAC exam employs a sophisticated probabilistic model, a hallmark of modern exam theory. This model generates a scaled score ranging from 12 to 120, providing a clear indication of the candidate's performance relative to the overall pool of test-takers.

NMAT Exam Pattern: Marking Scheme

If you are planning to take the NMAT 2024 exam, it is crucial to check out the marking scheme beforehand. Understanding the marking scheme will provide valuable insights about the paper and help you prepare accordingly.

Given below is the marking scheme for NMAT 2024:

Correct Answer


1 Mark


Incorrect Answer


Unattempted Question


The NMAT exam is known for being student-friendly, allowing candidates to attempt it without the fear of negative marking. This provides a supportive environment for candidates to showcase their skills and knowledge comfortably, enhancing their overall exam experience.

NMAT Exam Pattern: Key Highlights

Here are the following details one must know about NMAT 2024 while planning on taking the exam:

NMAT Exam Pattern: Section-Wise Topics

A section-wise analysis of the NMAT exam pattern allows you to prepare and strategize accordingly for the exam. Given below are the main focus points for each section.

Language Skills

This section assesses your ability to read, understand, and analyze written English. It includes questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning as follows:



Reading Comprehension





Phrasal verbs

Parts of Speech


Identify the Error

Choose the Correct


Sentence Correction

RC Passages

Jumbled Sentences

Para Jumbles

Cloze Test

Paragraph Summary

Quantitative Aptitude

This section evaluates your numerical aptitude and problem-solving skills. It includes questions on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data interpretation, and data sufficiency as follows:



Modern Math

Data Interpretation

Simple Interest

Compound Interest







Linear Equations

Quadratic Equations

Lines, Angles, and Triangles



Coordinate Geometry

Permutation and Combination


Set Theory


Line Graphs

Bar Chart

Pie Chart

Tabular Graphs

Logical Reasoning

This section gauges your ability to analyze information, identify patterns, and draw inferences. It includes questions on verbal reasoning, logical arrangements, and critical reasoning as follows:

Verbal Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning

Statement and Argument-based Questions

Statement and Assumption-based Questions

Statement and Inference-based Questions

Critical Reasoning

Linear and Circular Arrangements

Classification and Syllogisms

Blood Relation

Coding and Decoding

Course of Action

Series and Direction

For more details about the NMAT syllabus, click here

NMAT Exam Pattern: Features

The NMAT Exam Pattern is characterized by several unique features that set it apart from other MBA entrance exams:

NMAT Exam Pattern: Difficulty Level

Based on the analysis of last year's NMAT exam, it is anticipated that the NMAT exam in 2024 will have a varying level of difficulty, ranging from moderate to challenging. The table provided below outlines the specific difficulty levels for each section of the NMAT exam 2024.

NMAT 2024 Sections

Difficulty Level

General English

Easy to moderate

Logical Reasoning

Easy to moderate

Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation


NMAT Exam Pattern: Exam Result

After taking the NMAT exam, expect to receive your scores within 48 hours of exam completion. You'll receive an email notification, and you can download your scorecard. The scorecard will display scaled scores for each exam section, allowing you to share your results with your preferred business schools.


The NMAT Exam Pattern is designed to assess your overall aptitude for management studies. By understanding the pattern and preparing accordingly, you can increase your chances of success in this competitive exam. Remember, consistent practice and a focused approach are key to achieving a good score in the NMAT exam.


The total number of questions in the NMAT exam is 108.

The total duration of the NMAT exam is 120 minutes (2 hours).

No, there is no negative marking in the NMAT exam.

The sectional time limit for each section is as follows:

  • Language Skills: 28 minutes
  • Quantitative Skills: 52 minutes
  • Logical Reasoning: 40 minutes

For each correct answer, you will get 1 mark. There is no negative marking for incorrect or unattempted questions.

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