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NMAT Score vs Percentile

NMAT is one of the most popular MBA Entrance Exams in India attracting over 88,000 registrations in NMAT 2017. In comparison, it had around 55,000 registrations in NMAT 2015 which indicates a 60% rise in registrations over the course of 3 years.

Given the popularity of the exam, it is obvious that the interest in details about the NMAT Exam would also be in hot demand. One of the things that most candidates have an interest in is the comparison of the NMAT Score vs Percentile with particular interest in the NMAT Cut Off which would give them a window of opportunity to get into NMIMS Mumbai.

NMAT Cut Off

NMIMS Mumbai is the best college that one can aspire to get into from the NMAT Exam. Following this, other colleges that can be targeted through the NMAT are:

  • NMIMS Bangalore
  • NMIMS Hyderabad
  • XIM Bhubaneswar
  • SP Jain
  • ISB

Considering the fact that NMIMS is the most attractive options in terms of the college, it has the highest NMAT Cut Off. Generally the NMIMS Mumbai cut off is around 208-209. This has been the trend in recent times and with NMAT’s practice of normalizing the NMAT score, there is little chance of the cut off shifting dramatically.

NMIMS Bangalore and NMIMS Hyderabad are the next best options with the cut off for these colleges reaching a score of 200 to get an interview call from these colleges. XIMB is another college which is highly sought after and requires a cut off of over 200. However XIMB does not offer admission in all courses through the NMAT Score but rather has selected courses such as MBA-Rural Management, MBA- Human Resource Management, MBA- Urban Management and Governance, MBA- Sustainability Management.

SP Jain has also started accepting the NMAT Score for the first time this year. However there is a large caveat that the NMAT Score is only accepted for the Executive program known as PGMPW rather than the flagship program of PGDM.

One of the biggest business schools to have tied up with NMAT is the Indian School of Business (ISB). ISB has decided to accept NMAT Scores for their Advanced Management Program in Business Analytics (previously known as Certificate Program for Business Analytics).

NMAT Score vs Percentile

While most talk about the NMAT Scores is done in terms of the normalized scores, the percentile also plays an important role in the determination of the cut off. Based on the NMAT Scoring trend in the recent past, the percentiles can be estimated:

  • NMIMS Mumbai – 94%ile (This means that 208 roughly equates to 94%ile)
  • NMIMS Bangalore – 91%ile (This equates to a normalized score of around 200)
  • NMIMS Hyderabad, XIMB – 90%ile (While NMIMS Bangalore and NMIMS Hyderabad are supposed to have the same cut off, there may be slight variations)
  • MISB Bocconi – 70+%ile (While MISB Bocconi is a well-respected college, it is not at the same level as NMIMS or XIMB)

The exact NMAT Percentile is not displayed on the NMAT Scorecard with only the whole numbers being displayed. This distribution of NMAT Score vs Percentile also allows us to get a comparison of the NMAT Score and Percentile:

  • 99%ile – To get a 99%ile, the candidate will likely have to get a score of around 230. Any score above this would also result in a percentile score of 99%ile.
  • 95%ile – A score of around 212 would most likely get you a score of 95%ile according to the trends of the recent NMAT Exams.
  • 90%ile – This is the score which generally gets you a call from colleges like NMIMS Bangalore and NMIMS Hyderabad as well as XIMB. Getting a score of somewhere above 200 is required for this percentile.


The NMAT Score vs Percentile comparison is not as important as it is in CAT, XAT or other MBA Entrance Exams which are geared more towards percentile cut offs while NMAT is geared more towards the scoring based cut offs.

However it is still important to understand where we stand in comparison to other test takers to find out exactly how well one needs to do in the subsequent rounds to stand a good chance at getting selected at NMIMS.