All India Open Mock CAT 2020

Are you serious about cracking CAT'20? Benchmark your performance against serious CAT takers and assess where you stand. With just about 20 days to go to CAT, get a first-hand experience of the most recent change in pattern.

Take CAT before the actual CAT with All India Open Mock

November 5 to 8, 2020
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CAT 2019 Achievers

Calls from IIM Ahmedabad

Calls from IIM Ahmedabad

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Calls from IIM Bangalore

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Calls from IIM Calcutta

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Calls from XLRI Jamshedpur

Benefits of taking this Mock


Prepare yourself for CAT

Test yourself in the Open mock which has the same expected pattern and similar interface to CAT.


Understand your focus areas!

Gain an understanding on the areas that you need to focus on to crack CAT 2020 with flying colors!



Percentile Predictor

Predictions based on Statistical Modelling done of students' attempts & their corresponding CAT scores.


B-school Advisory

Get advice on which B Schools to apply based on your CAT 2020 percentile.

Benefits of the CAT Test Series in the words of a CL Test Series Student

Aditya Saxena attempted CAT 2018 as well as CAT 2019 obtaining a percentile of 99.48 in the second attempt. After the CAT 2019 Result, he wrote to one of our CL Gurus appreciating the impact that the CAT Test Series on his CAT preparation which we have compiled below:

There is no better way to sum up his experience other than his own words: "Every journey needs a companion, I'm glad I picked Career Launcher."

Analysis tools available with CL's CAT Test Series

One of the most significant ways in which a CAT Test Series can help you improve your performance is through an in-depth analysis of the CAT Mock test. Career Launcher's CAT Test Series offers several different types of tools that you can utilize to analyze your performance in the CAT Mock Tests. This analysis would allow you to improve your performance such that your probability of success in the CAT Exam would improve drastically.

Overall Performance Analysis

Get a comparative section wise analysis and overall analysis for each mock that you take. Percentile predictor tells you where you stand compared to over a lakh students who have written mocks of similar level of difficulty over the years and cracked CAT.

Overall Performance Analysis
Booster Analysis

Booster Analysis

Get your personalized report on the type of questions you should attempt based on your strengths & weaknesses. Know the impact of mistakes you made in your mocks and what you could have scored had you not made the mistakes.

Drill Down Analysis

Experience a detailed breakdown analysis of each mock. Know the topics that you are performing well in by analyzing the correct and incorrect attempts in each topic, for a mock

Drill Down Analysis

Anatomy of developing a Career Launcher's CAT Mock

One of the most significant reasons for the success of Career Launcher's CAT Test Series is the amount of effort and thought that has been put into developing each mock test. Each CAT mock test has been designed keeping in mind the preparation of the candidates and how each of the mocks can push them to the next level.

The video below explains the process that goes behind creating the CAT Test Series which is closest to the actual CAT Exam.

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How will this help you crack CAT?

  • Take CAT before CAT

    The All India CAT 2020 Mock simulates the experience of the actual CAT Exam. It is basically a dry run before the D-Day. The level of difficulty of paper and type of questions are matched up closely with the expected CAT ’20 paper.

  • Know where you stand

    Our AI-driven percentile predictor not only maps your predicted percentile with this year's students but also with those who have ventured into the hallowed halls of the IIM's over the last 4-5 years. This results in an extremely accurate prediction of your CAT'20 performance.

  • Benchmark your performance

    Grab the golden opportunity to benchmark your performance across this year’s serious CAT aspirants who will take this All India Open Mock CAT. This brings to you a brilliant chance to test and finetune your test taking strategy and preparation.

  • Watch Gautam Puri attempt the same mock

    Learn from the CL Gurus how to solve the same mock, like a 100%iler would. Learn the toppers' strategy of achieving success in CAT. Enable smart work and maximise your score in the actual exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I appear for All India Mock CAT?

    It is different from a regular mock. Here, you get to benchmark your performance across a much larger set of CAT aspirants than you would get in a usual mock. It serves as a rehearsal before the actual CAT Exam.

  • What all will the result comprise?

    The result will comprise of a detailed scorecard, percentile, predicted CAT percentile, and in depth and detailed analysis of the mock by CL experts.

  • Can I take the All India Open Mock from home?

    Yes, you can take the mock from home by registering for the mock. You will receive your login credentials via email. These credentials can be used to login to your account and give the All India Open Mock at the designated time.

  • When will the results be declared?

    The result will be declared within 2 days after the end of the exam.