Why Open CDC Mocks?

There are numerous reasons CAT 2024 aspirants should avail themselves of these Open CDC Mocks, including:

Open CDC Mocks Schedule

While choosing the Open CDC Mocks, make sure to keep the following points in mind:

Mock Name

Test Date

Analysis Date


Live Analysis




Video Attempt and Solution




Video Attempt and Solution




Video Attempt and Solution




Video Attempt and Solution

Benefits of Availing These Open CDC Mocks

These mock tests can prove to be of great help to all CAT 2024 aspirants for the following reasons:

Prepare yourself for CAT

Test yourself in an all-India open CDC mock with the same expected pattern and similar interface to that of CAT.

Understand your Focus Areas

Gain an understanding of the areas you need to focus on to crack CAT 2024 with flying colors.

Percentile Predictor

Get predictions based on Statistical Modelling of your attempts & the corresponding CAT scores.

Detailed Analysis & Solutions by Experts

Get a drill-down and detailed analysis of your performance in the mock to help strategize your CAT 2024 preparation.

CAT 2022 Achievers

Toppers' Speak

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book your slots according to the slot timings on your portal 2-3 days before the mock day.

Students will have to book their slots at least one day before the day a mock is scheduled. The slot booking process is as follows.

1) Click on ‘Tests’ on the homepage of your My Zone Account.

2) Click on ‘Mock Tests’.

3) Click on ‘CAT mocks’.

4) Find the dropdown for selecting your slot next to the Mock name.

5) Select the slot of your choice - Select the date and the time. You will be able to take the test only in the slot selected.

Yes, you can change your slot only once after booking. However, in case you are unable to reschedule your slot, you can raise your query at support@careerlauncher.com and our team will get your issue resolved within 24-72 hours.

You can change the slot before the slot you have booked.

Example: If you have booked a slot for 26th May, 8:30 AM, then you can change the slot only till 8:30 AM. Post that, your test link to appear for the mock will appear and the mock cannot be rescheduled.

CL students who have enrolled in the following programs can take the mocks for FREE, including:

  • Classroom Coaching

    1) Online Classes

    2) Night Classes

    3) Offline Classes

  • Test Series

However, registration is mandatory for everyone.