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Calls from IIM Ahmedabad

Calls from IIM Ahmedabad

Calls from IIM Bangalore

Calls from IIM Bangalore

Calls from IIM Calcutta

Calls from IIM Calcutta

Calls from XLRI Jamshedpur

Calls from XLRI Jamshedpur

A Brief Look at PDP Personalized

The PDP Personalized Program ensures that you have the best chance of getting into the college of your dreams. Some of the major benefits of the PDP Personalized Program are:

  • Experienced Mentors: Your training for the GDPIWAT Program will be conducted by the top mentors and founders at Career Launcher who have guided thousands of students to their dream colleges over the years
  • Knowledge & Concept Sessions: Whether it is current affairs, trends or opinion based questions, the Knowledge sessions should help you tackle these types of questions if they do appear in the college interview and give you a good knowledge base for WAT Preparation as well.
  • Personalized Mentoring and Interviews: Get counselling sessions and stay in touch with your mentor who can help you through the entire selection process.

In order to be eligible for the PDP Personalized Program, you need to have a call from one of the top 12 colleges i.e. IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, IIM L, IIM K, IIM I, IIM S, IIFT, MDI, FMS, XLRI, SP Jain. So, if you have received a call from any of these colleges, please have a look at our PDP Personalized Program to boost your chances of getting into your dream college.

Get Personalised 1 on 1 training from top b-school alum and reputed CL guru. Join PDP Personalised

6 Reasons why PDP is the ideal choice to devise a personalized strategy for WAT, GD & PI rounds

Get mentored by the Gurus

Get numerous mock GD/WAT/PI sessions with CL Gurus. Satya, GP, Shivku, GB, etc.

Know thyself

Explore and know your true self with PDP Personalized activities such as goal tracker, psychometric tests, and knowledge sessions.

Smarter Interaction

Schedule your mock PIs, track your B-School forms, daily activities, and access knowledge sessions the smarter way through

Personalised Feedback

Each session is followed by an in-depth feedback and suggestions by the assigned mentor

Knowledge Booster

Discover and get in-depth knowledge about recent economic, political, marketing, banking happenings around the world

Our Results

PDP Personalized students have been a success over the years with our students making into IIMs & top b-schools

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What is Personality Development Program (PDP)?

If you’ve cracked your MBA Entrance exams, and are grooming yourself for the 2nd stage of the B-School selection process, the PDP course is the perfect companion to guide you to success. The program has been designed to help you break down your strongest and weakest ability and help you craft a personalized approach towards Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD), and Personal Interview (PI) rounds. This type of training will give you your best shot at cracking the B-School calls.

It is intended to help you give your best presentation/performance whilst face-to-face with the interviewers. With in-depth mock interview sessions helmed the founders and IIM alumni of Career Launcher, you are in for a treat as you re-discover yourself from a whole new point of view. Personality skills, social etiquettes, leadership qualities, strengths and weakness, etc., elevate your individuality to a refined level, as both an MBA aspirant, and as a person.

Know your teachers

CL has brought together a dream-team of expert teachers with revered academic experience. Know their teaching & educational background

Choose your program

Get Personalised 1 on 1 training from top b-school alum and reputed CL guru. Join PDP Personalised

Pearls of Wisdom from CL Experts

CAT'18 Achievers Speak

The faculty here just want you to do your best. - Vaibhav

I thank Gautam Puri sir for infusing confidence in me. - Siddharth

I would like to give credit for my interview success to GP sir and Career Launcher - Kunal

I would recommend this program to everyone for a good conversion rate. - Jaisdeep

My mentor guided me through every step of the way. - Sahil

Career Launcher was an obvious choice for me. - Diksha

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Commonly asked questions

What are the benefits of PDP Personalized?

Benefits of PDP Personalized:

  • Mentoring sessions with Satya, GP, Sujit, Shivku, GB, etc.
  • Exploring life goals and identifying who you are through psychometric tests and mentoring

  • Numerous mock PI/GD and WAT practice sessions

  • B-School form filling guidance

  • Personalized feedback and further course of action by the Gurus

  • Mentoring with the alumni of the B-Schools that you dream of

What if I miss a scheduled mock PI?

If you cannot attend a scheduled mock PI, you should cancel it at least 18 hours beforehand and inform the mentor. You would be marked absent and not allowed to re-schedule if you miss a mock PI.

What is the difference between PDP Personalized online and offline?

PDP Personalized Online- Online mock PI sessions with CL Gurus. All the other services such as feedbacks after each session, knowledge sessions, daily activities etc. will be provided online in the SIS.
PDP Personalized Offline- face to face mock PI/GD sessions. All the other services such as feedbacks after each session, knowledge sessions, daily activities etc. will be provided online in the SIS.

How many mock PI sessions do I get?

You would get 3 mock PIs and 2 additional interaction sessions with the mentors. If need be and on request, additional ad-hock sessions can be arranged at the approval of your mentor.