6 reasons for you to choose PDP Personalized!

Get mentored by PDP Gurus

Get numerous mock GD/WAT/PI sessions with PDP Gurus: Satya, GP, Shivku, etc.

Know Thyself

Explore and know your true self with PDP Personalized activities such as goal tracker, psychometric tests & knowledge sessions.

Smarter Interaction

Schedule your mock PIs, track your B-School forms, daily activities, and access knowledge sessions the smarter way through Career Launcher.

Personalised Feedback

Each session is followed by in-depth feedback & suggestions by the assigned mentor to help you with your strategy for WAT and your Personal Interview.

Knowledge Booster

Discover and get up-to-date knowledge about & analysis of recent economic, political, marketing, banking & financial events around the world.

Our Results

PDP Personalised has helped students become a success over the years, having enabled them to get admissions into IIMs & other top B-Schools.

How PDP Personalized will help you crack WAT-GD-PI rounds of MBA admissions

The PDP Personalized program starts by helping you uncover your motivations, fears, and aspirations with the use of psychological tools like the Personal Effectiveness Scale & Loco Inventory. It is followed by numerous WAT, GD & PI practice sessions with PDP Gurus & top B-School alumni, who help you explore your life goals and connect all the dots along the way with personalized feedback and guidance.

Whether you are from an engineering or a non-engineering background, a fresher or an experienced candidate, PDP Personalized will free you from your inhibitions, guide you along with a personalized roadmap, and empower you to come through successfully, not just in MBA interviews, but in all difficult situations in your life.

CAT 2022 Achievers

I was a student of PDP Personalized of Career Launcher. The kind of guidance, the kind of moral support that GP sir provides to his personal mentees is incredible. I, for a fact, can vouch for that. I know in my heart that I could not have converted such strenuous interviews without his help. The confidence that I gained after the mocks conducted by him was simply I can't put words to it. So come on, guys, it's not as difficult as it sounds. Go for it.

Anuj Aggarwal
Anuj Aggarwal
Converted: IIM A, C, L & K

I was part of Career Launcher's PDP Personalized program and online test series. Specifically for my interview preparation, PDP Personalized helped me a lot. It taught me how to introduce myself, what are my career ambitions, what are my strengths and weaknesses and properly prepped and groomed me to give and convert all the interview calls that I received. So I really want to thank Career Launcher for this opportunity.

Sweta Ramesan
Sweta Ramesan
Converted: IIM Calcutta, Lucknow & Kozhikode

CL helped me along the way by providing me with various insights as well as tips to improve my skills and personality traits. These have helped crack those interviews as well as communicate with the interviewees in a very fluent and comfortable manner. The mentors assigned were very approachable. They were friendly and they allowed me to discuss with them at length what I wanted to do in my career. So I would always recommend the PDP course as it not only prepares you for the MBA journey but also the journey thereafter.

Abhinav Jha
Abhinav Jha
Converted: IIM C, K and I, XLRI Jamshedpur, SP Jain Mumbai

CL was a big help as the course included a PDP program where you are assigned a mentor who helps you throughout the PI process. Also, ARKSS sir was a huge help to me. I also attended a couple of his seminars and they were very helpful. When you have to write the SOPs for the interviews, your mentor checks them and gives you different pointers which could really uplift your application.

Atulya Aman
Atulya Aman
Converted: NMIMS Mumbai, IIM Amritsar & Nagpur

The experience with CL was great for me, as before starting my journey for CAT and other entrance exams I was really anxious, as I am a fresher and I had a lot of doubts. So the mentors and the faculty over at CL really helped me a lot. They not only taught me subjects and cleared my doubts, but I reached to them personally and they answered all my doubts in the perfect manner possible. They also helped me to develop my personality and they prepared me for the interview and GDPI process.

Himanshi Gupta
Himanshi Gupta
Converted: SCMHRD, IMT Ghaziabad, SIBM Pune, NMIMS

I was enrolled with CL for the Night Online Classes as well as the PDP Personalized program. I've converted my best call, MDI Gurgaon for its HR program. And I'm really thankful to the CL mentors, all the CL mentors for all their guidance and all their help. They've answered all my queries and provided me with great guidance with extreme patience.

Radhika Vaish
Radhika Vaish
Converted: MDI Gurgaon, NMIMS, IIM Udaipur, IIM Ranchi, IMT Ghaziabad, IIM Kashipur

Specific profile-based questions you may have about
WAT-GD-PI stage

An Engineering Fresher

Q.  Am I at a disadvantage because I am a General Engineer Male (GEM)?

A.  No. Once you get a call, what matters is who you are as a person and how you make yourself stand out.

Q.  I am not from IIT. Will it poorly influence my selection?

A.  The interviewers meet a lot of IITians and not all of them are selected. You should focus instead on your knowledge and how to best represent yourself.

Q.  I have no extracurricular activities to talk about. What will I say?

A.  As a matter of fact, you do. Even watching movies or playing online games counts, as long as you explore a theme and communicate it in a compelling manner.


An Engineer with Work Experience

Q.  How do I connect what I am doing today with my future goals?

A.   Know your industry and the market inside out. Connect dots from your industry choice to your future goals and communicate it confidently.

Q.  As I had an engineering role, I don't have any sales experience. Will I be considered for MBA (Marketing)?

A.  If you are willing to learn and practice, you will definitely be considered. Let this conviction reflect in your personality to be successful.

Q.  I graduated in civil engineering but have worked in an IT firm since then. How do I justify my career goals?

A.  Be honest about your move. What compelled you to make it? The reason could be that there were no good opportunities in your field or that you wanted to experience a whole new world altogether. Justify your decision and stand firm behind it.


A Non-Engineering Fresher

Q.   Do I stand a chance in the competition with numerous qualified engineers from top colleges?

A.   You have as much of a chance as your competition. At this point, all that matters is who you are as a person and how you represent yourself.

Q.   I am scared of mathematical questions. How can I best avoid them?

A.  Be confident in your abilities. The reason you're here is because you've already aced the one of India's toughest aptitude exams!

Q.  I do not have any work experience. Will companies shortlist me at the time of placements?

A.  Focus on getting into an IIM first; the placements will come in their own sweet time. More than 50% students get a marketing role which doesn't require a work experience.


A Non-Engineer with Work Experience

Q.  I did not do well in my sales role. Will I be considered for MBA (Marketing)?

A.  Absolutely! If you are willing to learn and practice, and reflect this conviction in your personality, you will definitely be considered.

Q.  It has been years since I even looked at my books. How will I tackle technical questions?

A.  Pick 3-4 subjects from your graduation. A basic knowledge of economics and higher math always helps.

Q.  I did BSC Math but worked as a content writer in a startup. With no connection between my grads and work experience, how do I justify my next career move?

A.  Be truthful. Whether you realised later that you did not want to make a career in Maths or there were no opportunities in your field and getting work experience was the need of the hour, be honest about why you made the move and stand firm behind your decision.


What are the benefits of PDP Personalised?
  • Mentoring sessions with Satya, GP, Sujit, Shivku, etc.
  • Exploring life goals and identifying who you are through psychometric tests and mentoring
  • Numerous mock PI/GD and WAT practice sessions
  • B-School form-filling guidance
  • Personalised feedback and further course of action by CL Gurus
  • Mentoring by the alumni of your dream B-Schools.
How many mock PI sessions do I get?

You would get 3 mock PIs and 2 additional interaction sessions with the mentors. If need be and on request, additional adhock sessions can be arranged at the approval of your mentor.

What if I miss a scheduled mock PI?

If you cannot attend a scheduled mock PI, you should cancel it at least 18 hours beforehand and inform the mentor. You would be marked absent and not allowed to re-schedule if you miss a mock PI.