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PGDBA Course - A Viable Alternative for MBA

When colleges like IIM Calcutta, ISI and IIT Kharagpur collaborate, people are going to notice. There has definitely been interest in the PGDBA Course that has recently been introduced by the aforementioned colleges as would be expected considering the stature of the colleges involved.

Another reason for the keen interest is that it will open up opportunities in the data science and analytics domain for the students who are part of the program. The opportunity to enter the booming domain with the credentials from esteemed institutions like IIM Calcutta, ISI and IIT Kharagpur, makes the PGDBA Course extremely attractive for most candidates.

Why the PGDBA Course was born?

Machine Learning and Data Science are some of the most interesting and fastest growing fields in the world today. According to news reports, there are over 50,000 machine learning jobs available in India today. Considering the opportunities available, there is a severe lack of programs and courses which have a good credibility behind them.

This is the gap that the PGDBA Course was born to fill. It has been helmed by three premier institutions in IIM Calcutta, ISI (Indian Statistical Institute) and IIT Kharagpur. The repute of these institutions itself would allow the candidates to credibly step into the roles of data scientists and data analysts that are open in several companies and industries across India.

Another major factor is the kind of space that Data Analytics and Machine Learning occupy in the industry. Rather than being an industry specific department, Data Analytics is a function unto itself. This means that there will soon be a Data Analytics department in every company and every industry. With this kind of growth forecast, is it any wonder that the PDGBA Course was able to generate a huge amount of interest and buzz amongst aspirants?

PGDBA Course Structure and Pedagogy

There has a huge amount of thought which has been given to the design of the PGDBA Course. This is the reason for the collaboration of the institutes which pilot the program. While the program was being conceptualized, it was believed that the studentks in the PGDBA Course should have a holistic view on data analytics and data science.
The PGDBA Course will be held over 2 years which is divided into 4 semesters in total. The semesters will be held at different colleges as follows:

  • Orientation Program and Pre-Semester Module = IIM Calcutta
  • Semester 1 = ISI Kolkata
  • Semester 2 = IIT Kharagpur
  • Semester 3 = IIM Calcutta
  • Semester 4 = Industry Internship

The PGDBA Course design has been built this way in order to ensure that the candidate has a good understanding of all aspects of business analytics. The stint at ISI Calcutta would help the candidates gain a good footing in the statistical aspects of analytics ensuring that they have basic conceptual understanding of the topic.

The second semester of the PGDBA Course is held at IIT Kharagpur to ensure that the students have a firm grounding in technical aspects of analytics including the languages in which the coding for analytics is normally done. This would give the students of the PGDBA Course the ability to utilize the knowledge that they gain from the semester at ISI Calcutta.

The third semester of the PGDBA Course will be held at IIM Calcutta. This is done so that the students have a better idea of business applications of analytics which is what the course is targeted towards. The reputation of IIM Calcutta as one of the premier Business Schools in India carries a heavy weight in terms of the PGDBA Course.

The fourth semester is an industry internship which will give the students of the PGDBA Course valuable experience out on the field. Bolstered with the knowledge gained from the previous 3 terms, the candidates will have a chance to show potential recruiters how they could help the companies that they end up joining in.


The PGDBA Course is the need of the hour for candidates who are looking to enter the relatively new field of Data Analytics. The PGDBA Course will give these candidates a boost while entering the job market especially with the weight of the names behind it.