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7500+ questions in three level of difficulty to help you ace each topic for CAT/XAT/SNAP/NMAT/IIFT/CMAT etc.

7500+ questions

Topic Tests

Sectional Tests

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Who is this for?

If you are an MBA aspirant and wish to master each topic and difficulty level to ensure your desired result in CAT/XAT/SNAP/NMAT/IIFT/CMAT etc. then Test Gym is the program for you.

What dos the program offer?

The program offers 7500+ questions spread across three levels of difficulty. The program offers Test Gym Lite (Topic Tests) and Test Gym Classic (Sectional Tests) and each test would be followed by an in-depth analysis to help you revise and take corrective measures.

Topic & Section Focus

Aim to master each topic and perfect your strategy for each section progressively with updated questions.

In-depth Analysis

After each test, get an in-depth analysis and drill down analysis

24*7 learning

Student Information System to help you augment your preparation with Vocab ninja, GK updates, free mocks, ebooks, previous year papers etc.

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Commonly asked questions

Will this program help me prepare for other exams aswell?

Test Gym is ideal for CAT preparation as well as for IIFT, SNAP, XAT and NMAT preparation. There are 12+ sectional tests for these exams along with topic tests on Verbal, RC, Grammar, Quant, DI, LR etc. which are common to all the MBA entrance exams.

Will I get analysis for each test?

Test Gym provides an in-depth analysis with graphical representation of your score with that of the topper and the average marks of test takers. It also includes an option to re-attempt the questions and a complete drill down analysis which highlights your performance in each topic. You can also mark your progress on each level of difficulty and take corrective measures for the same.

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