Know Your Pre-MBA Course Mentors

Sanyam Vinayak

Sanyam Vinayak (IIM A, PGP 2021)

Financial Reporting and Introduction to Financial Markets

Naimil Shah

Naimil Shah (IIM A, PGP 2021)

Micro Economics

About the course

Course Description

Pre-MBA preparation courses are foundation degrees or preparation courses designed to meet the needs of an MBA aspirant at a premier B-School.

For most students joining premier B-schools, the first year is a high-pressure time. And more so this year, with the course starting late. The 1st years grades are key for placements and Term 1 subjects and GPA is a key advantage for Summer Internships.

Despite Diversity points, 70-80% of students joining IIMs and premier B-schools are engineering students. The courses that cause greatest difficulty are Accounting and Financial Markets and the Micro and Macro Economics course. Graduating from a premier B-School is a challenge you should not underestimate, and a pre-MBA offers you the right tools to meet this challenge.

Who this course is for:

Pre-MBA preparation courses are created for MBA candidates who have a non-commercial background. The pre-MBA courses will help the aspirants to get essential exposure to Financial management and Micro-Macro economics principles. This way the Pre MBA courses help the MBA aspirants to jump to the core of their MBA studies, without getting overwhelmed. 

A pre-MBA course acts like a bridge between your previous studies and your master in business administration, making sure that you start your degree from equal or even with an advantage over your colleagues with a commercial background.

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Course Structure

Financial Reporting and Introduction to Financial Markets

Financial Reporting

Duration: 15 Hrs Course Mentor: Sanyam Vinayak
Session Concepts Covered
Session 1 Intro to 3 statement-format of reporting Balance Sheet and concepts
Session 2 Income Statement and related concepts
Session 3 Income Statement continued
Session 4 Cash Flow Statement and related concepts
Session 5 Cash flow statement continued
Session 6 Understanding flow of information in 3 statement-format
Session 7 Accounting for Manufacturing Activities
Session 8 Understanding Annual Report of a Company
Session 9 Revenue Recognition/ Reporting Techniques

Introduction to Financial Markets

Duration: 15 Hrs Course Mentor: Sanyam Vinayak
Session Concepts Covered
Session 10 Time Value of Money
Session 11 Dividend Discount Model/Gordon Growth Model
Session 12 P/E multiple, PV of going operations, Free cash flow
Session 13 Portfolio Analysis
Session 14 Asset Pricing Models- CAPM and other models
Session 15 Bond markets: Different rates, duration and structure
Session 16 Term structure of various interest rates, Convexity
Session 17 Foreign Exchange Markets/ Exchange Rate Parity
Session 18 Introduction to derivatives
Session 19 Understanding forwards and future markets
Session 20 Options and pricing models

Mirco Economics

Duration: 30 Hrs Course Mentor: Naimil Shah
Topic Sessions Concepts Covered
Theory of demand 6 Theory of Utility, Indifference Curve, Type of Products, Elasticity, Price Indices
Theory of production and cost 4 Short Run vs Long Run, Cost Curves, Economies of Scale/Scope
Market Structures 4 Price determination under different market structures such as competition, monopoly, oligopoly
Introduction to game theory 3 Nash Equilibrium, Prisoner’s Dilemma, Simultaneous Games, Sequential Games, Trust, Auctions
Uncertainty and asymmetric information 2 Risk, Uncertainty, Two-Part Tariff, Price Discrimination
Externalities. 1 Externalities and Public Goods