Thank you, CL!

"I'd like to thank all the mentors at CL for guiding me throughout the grueling interview process."

Antriksh Borkar

Antriksh Borkar

CAT'16 Student Calls received: IIM L,K,S, FMS, IIFT, SCMHRD, SIBM, NMIMS, NITIE Joining - JBIMS

I was born and brought up in small towns and naturally, I had to fight for everything. The fact that nothing came easy developed the "never give up" trait. Studying at a premier B-school was always my dream. So I embarked on the thrilling journey in July 2016. Joining CL's distance program was an obvious choice considering its renowned faculty.

Given that converting a call is way more difficult than getting one, enrolling in PDP Personalized was certain. The very first thing that struck me in PDP P was "the panel is there to select you, not reject you". I learned to focus on my strengths, realize my weaknesses while working on them. The improvement curve has to be constant which is maintained through our efforts. The sessions made me confident enough to face the panel and represent my true self. The whole process made me competent to rise to the occasions in the interviews. I was able to voice my opinion, learn the art of creating the thought process and sail through the questions with conviction. After all, the course had made me way better than I was in April 2016.

Life isn't only about converting these calls, the lessons you take away from this journey are enriching. I discovered that talent isn't everything, working hard would do wonders for you even if you're average. If you're thrown to the wolves, you can come back leading the pack. Confidence is crucial, execution is worship. These are just a few takeaways from the PDP P sessions, which are truly an elevating experience. I'd like to thank all the mentors at CL, especially Sreeni sir, who guided me throughout the grueling interview process. The blood, sweat, and tears were fruitful at the end, thanks to PDP P!