Thank you, CL!

"Thank you GP sir for guiding me!"



CAT'16 Student Converted IIM A, B, C , L and MDI

Last year I had more than 98%ile in VA and QA but missed the sectional cutoff for old IIMs in DILR. I converted all new IIMs, IIT S and IIFT. Somehow I was not satisfied with my result. But everyone told me not to leave IIT B and IIFT as CAT is unpredictable. At this moment, I called GP sir. He looked at my profile and suggested me not to go for IIFT. Normally, he doesn't advise people to leave colleges like IIFT and encourages them to believe in themselves. He suggested me to work hard on DILR. This was one advice I needed and I took a risk and went for another shot. This year I have converted all the calls I had received.

Thank you, GP sir.