WAT Preparation and WAT Topics

WAT Preparation

The Written Ability Test (WAT) is the first step in the admission process to MBA programmes offered across B-Schools in India. The test is pretty simple - to write an essay within the prescribed word limit, expressing one's opinion and knowledge on the topic given. However, the essay writing assessment, as simple as it may sound, is actually tough to crack considering the ratio of candidates and seats. One has to ensure that the writing is grammatically correct, rich in vocabulary, driven by facts and figures, and portrays oneself as an eligible manager of the future. Some of the most common tips to write a strong essay

  • Consider yourself in the shoes of a manager at a top influential position, and think of your views being presented to the general public. Assess the impact of your statements you

  • write, and thus be diplomatically correct. Unless you have a solid reason to state, try to present views that are 'Pro-Poor', 'Pro-Reservation' and 'Pro-Liberalisation'.

  • Always try to back your subjective claims with some data. For instance, instead of stating'India is headed towards becoming a superpower of the future', write it as 'India, now the fifth largest economy of the world at a GDP of approximately 3 Trillion USD, is headed towards becoming a superpower of the future'Do not present biased opinions, especially in the context of a certain specific political party or religion.

  • Structure your essay in one of the following formats:

  • Opinion > Reason > Significance In an opinion type essay, where a view is presented in the question and your perspective is asked around that opinion, state your stand for the opinion at the very start. Give relevant reasons for your stand, followed by the impact at a macro level using the PESTEL framework (Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal impact)

  • Problem > Effect > Causes > Solution In a problem type essay, where a general problem is given for you to provide a solution to the problem, state the problem at the start and then glorify that problem in the mind of the readers. State the effects and causes of that problem and then finally present your solution that can be feasible to eradicate the problem. If possible, present multiple feasible solutions and choose the optimal solution out of the available options.

  • Use punctuations marks wherever needed. Be grammatically correct and try to avoid using abbreviations.

  • Make a solid start and a conclusive end. Do not leave your essay as open ended.

WAT Topics

Some of the common WAT topics for you to practice are:

  • Caste-based reservation is an impediment to a casteless society.
  • US China Trade Talks: A political drama or renegotiation of rules of the game?
  • Strong leaders emerge when institutions are weak.
  • Economic growth is more important than Ecological Protection.
  • IPR for life saving drugs should be granted or not?
  • Is smart cities initiative in India a failure?
  • Demographic dividend in India: Myth or Reality?
  • Challenges to higher education in India.
  • How National Education Policy is going to give a complete overhaul to the Indian education system?

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