Data-driven Strategy for CAT 2020

With the advent of Machine Learning and data science, most of the important decisions in the corporate world are taken with the help of data and its thorough analysis. Therefore, why shouldn't a similar practice be utilized to make some crucial strategic decisions for your CAT preparation?

In order to aid your preparation and fine tune your strategy, we present to you accurate and unique insights from the actual attempts of students who took CAT 2019.

You can score a 99%ile by attempting just 55% of the questions!

The easiest QA questions are generally amongst last 5 questions of the section

There are some sitters in even the most seemingly difficult DI sets

Analyze the actual CAT, just like you analyze the mocks

You would have always been advised by your mentors to analyze each mock that you take. However, an analysis like that can only share with you the story of how you performed and how you could have performed.

Just imagine, if you could analyze the actual CAT the same way in which you analyze your mocks? This is now possible as our team of data scientists bring you in-depth analysis of the actual attempts of CAT 2018!

What insights do we offer?

How many questions should you attempt in CAT? (In Percentage terms)
Where are the easy questions in QA?

In our CAT insights, we cover the most important data points that will open your eyes towards what it takes to crack an exam like CAT.

  • Attempts required for a 99%ile
  • Question-wise Difficulty Analysis
  • Accuracy required for a 99%ile
  • Question-wise Attempt Ratio

Our Data Science Team

Sujit Bhattacharyya

Mr Sujit, founder of CL Educate and head of the technology and innovation efforts in CL for 18 years. He's a hands-on technologist, loves coding and Data Science initiatives in CL. Mr Sujit is known for developing many data driven models for business and out of which one was patented.

Subhrajit Bhattacharya

Dr Subhrajit Bhattacharya holds a PhD from Duke University with over 25 years of industry experience. He has extensively worked in major domains, like Machine Learning, Big Data, Digital Twin Framework, and much more:

View the CAT Analytics & Insights

Here are the CAT analytics and insights uncovered by our Data Science experts for CAT 2020

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