Tuition’s unique student-centered pedagogy

At Career Launcher, we are dedicated to ensuring that students in Class 11 receive quality education that extends beyond mere performance enhancement in CBSE curriculum classes. Acknowledging the pivotal role of Class 8-12 education in shaping future career trajectories and preparing for national-level competitive exams, our goal is to equip students for triumph.

Our tuition program places a premium on conceptual clarity, a vital element for class 11 students to thrive in their chosen career paths. We provide a comprehensive array of effective learning tools and resources.

Embark on the journey to academic triumph and future career milestones with our class 11 tuitions online program where personalized learning meets excellence.

Establish a Firm Base in Class 11

Conceptual Clarity

Understand every subject thoroughly and delve into diverse topics to cultivate robust analytical abilities and logical reasoning.

Skill Enhancement

Critical skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication are pivotal for both academic and professional triumphs.

Exam Readiness

The board exams for class 12th are pivotal milestones necessitating diligent preparation beginning from the 11th grade.

Readiness for Career

Embark on a journey to explore strengths and interests to pave the way for lucrative career prospects.

Comprehensive Preparation Program for Class 11

The Role of Parents in the Program

Parents wield significant influence on their children's thoughts and aspirations. Therefore, it's crucial for parents to actively participate in their academic journey and stay informed about their career options and interests. In addition to our student-centric approach to academic development, we also offer a meticulously crafted and structured parent journey.

Parent-Mentor Interaction

We have scheduled PMIs during the course span to help parents keep a check on their child's progress. In the PMIs, parents can discuss their child's progress directly with the faculties.

Parent Seminar Workshop

Various sessions with parents are also scheduled during the duration of the course. In the workshops, mentors will provide various parenting tips and suitable career options for their children.

Parent Career Launcher

Parents will get their own Career Launcher account. In the account, parents will get updated with their child's progress report on a regular basis.

Frequently asked questions

Our tuition program covers the CBSE board with NCERT books as guides.

Yes, definitely. Students can opt for a subject based on their streams - Commerce, Science or Arts.

Students will be provided with two classes of 1.5 hours a week that will include teaching and in-class doubt-clearing sessions.

Yes, students are provided with recordings of live lectures but it is advised that students should not miss the class.