6 Reasons you should not miss out on our Maths Crash Course Classes

Expert Faculty, Senior IIT Alumni

Their valuable insights and able counsel will help you prepare in a manner which will make you comfortable with the exam.

Focus on Previous Year Board Questions

By focussing on prior year question papers, you will grasp the important concepts as well as get an idea of how the actual exam will be conducted.

Mock Tests with Paper Correction by Faculty

Take mock tests created by our CBSE experts in exam like conditions and upload your answers on aspiration.ai. We would check them and will provide you feedback on the areas you need to work upon.

Live and interactive classes

Our online classes give you the flexibility to learn anytime & anywhere. Watch the live sessions or their recordings, collaborate with the faculty & students, while resolving your doubts.

Last Minute Tips and Tricks

These tips & tricks ensure that all the hard work you put in translates into your best-ever score.

Live doubt clarification

Get your doubts clarified by the CL mentors in the classroom. Out of the classroom, get your doubts clarified by the mentors within 24 hours


Our Results


Sanya Bansal: 95%

Garima Mahaur: 95%

Raman Singh: 94%

Kanishk Agarwal: 94%

Manas Rawat: 93%

Somak Mandy: 93%

Rahul Gauri: 92.4%

Shubhangi Mishra: 92%

Simran Jain: 91.6%

Ashlesha: 91.4%

Amritanshu Prasad: 91%

Niharika Nagi: 91.4%

Cheshtha Teotia: 90.6%

Rithik Raina: 90.3%

Isaac Jacob: 90.2%

Kamia Yadav: 90%

Palak Arya: 90%

Delcy Makru: 90%

Deepak Sati: 90%

Aman Grover: 90%

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